SAGE Scholars Benefits

At SAGE Scholars, we deeply believe in the value and quality of private higher education. Our mission is to provide access to affordable college opportunities while bringing together families, colleges & universities, and benefit providers to create college funding solutions.

Since SAGE Scholars inception in 1995, we have expanded access to our guaranteed scholarship program, Tuition Rewards®, to employers, health insurers, financial institutions, and non-profits, seeking to address the top financial concern of American families’ — a college education.

We have partnered with over 455 private colleges & universities forming a robust consortium, established a non-profit foundation providing scholarships, created a continuing education solution for students of all ages, developed educational resources for every step of the college process, and built a comprehensive college search, career planning, and funding website for students and families.

  • Tuition Rewards®

    Our guaranteed tuition discounts program accepted at over 455 private colleges and universities.

    Tuition Rewards is a unique rewards program, offered by employers, health insurers, financial institutions and non-profits, to address American families’ number one financial concern — a college education for their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Each Tuition Rewards Point represents a guaranteed minimum scholarship (discount) equivalent to one dollar, with a maximum discount of up to one year’s tuition, spread equally over 4 years of full time undergraduate education. The number of Points redeemed determine the minimum, guaranteed tuition discount a student can receive at over 425 SAGE Scholars colleges and universities. The student may receive more — but cannot receive less.

  • FastTrak®

    Student Profiles designed to maximize visibility to our consortium colleges and universities.

    FastTrak is our new and innovative way of bringing SAGE Scholars students and member colleges & universities closer together. Students are guided and encouraged to create a robust Student Profile that will allow members in the SAGE Scholars college consortium to quickly view, recruit, and directly contact interested students.

  • Ready Set College®

    Our comprehensive college search, career planning, and funding website for students and their families.

    We saw a need for a creative and unique college search, career planning, and funding website for students and their families so we built! It’s the only college search tool that connects students’ interests and skills with careers, majors, and colleges. It is packed with resources for families to learn about the best college funding strategies, including custom calculators and a library full of articles and tips.

  • SAGE Prime®

    Our continuing education solution, a guaranteed tuition discount for every sponsor in the SAGE Scholars network.

    If you are interested in a professional certification, graduate studies, or degree completion — SAGE Prime is your affordable pathway to continued education. Through SAGE Prime, a SAGE Scholars sponsor will be able to claim a guaranteed minimum 10% savings off the published price for continuing education programs, offered by participating colleges and universities.

  • Student Loan Marketplace

    Your Education. Your Terms. Find the Best Private Student Loan Rates in Minutes

    At SAGE Scholars, we believe in empowering students to achieve their educational dreams. We’ve partnered with Sparrow to create a cutting-edge student loan marketplace designed to help you find the best student loan in a matter of minutes, not months. Ready to take the next step toward your education goals? Discover the benefits of our SAGE Scholars student loan marketplace today!

  • SAGE Scholars Newsroom

    A rapidly growing resource for news, education articles and advice.

    The SAGE Scholars Newsroom serves as your comprehensive resource for everything related to college, catering to students from elementary school through to postgraduate education. We offer essential tools, insights, and knowledge to help you fully leverage your college experience. Dive into a wide range of educational subjects, such as admissions, campus life, financial aid, sports, extracurricular activities, financing, and career planning.

    Additionally, the Newsroom is your go-to source for the latest updates from our affiliated colleges and universities, including our own press releases and announcements about new schools joining our network.

  • SAGE Scholars Ambassador Program

    A vibrant community dedicated to helping students make informed decisions during their first year of college.

    The SAGE Scholars Ambassador Program offers expert guidance and assistance, helping students develop new skills, refine study habits, and build connections with peers and faculty. Student Ambassadors have access to resources such as webinars, newsletters, and networking while becoming part of a national cohort of high-achieving college freshmen.

  • Market Cap & Gown®

    Our monthly newsletter delivered to SAGE Scholars members to keep them abreast of member college & university news.

    SAGE Scholars monthly educational newsletter, Market Cap & Gown (MC&G), comes out every third Tuesday of the month. Each month we share new college news from our network of member colleges and universities, and our own collection of events and best practices for a successful college and professional career.

  • SAGE Scholars Educational Foundation®

    Offers hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual scholarships.

    SAGE Scholars Educational Foundation works alongside SAGE Scholars, Inc. to advocate and promote access to high-quality, affordable, private college education. To achieve this goal, SAGE Scholars pledged one million dollars in hard dollar scholarships to help families bridge the gap between what schools are able to offer in financial aid and the cost of tuition, room and board, and additional expenses.

  • SAGE Secure®

    Assisting our students when they need it most.

    SAGE Secure is the first no-cost accidental death benefit for the family of students enrolled in a SAGE Scholars member college or university. The SAGE Secure Scholarship is designed to help prevent a student from suffering financially and possibly dropping out of school if his or her family’s primary wage earner dies from an accidental bodily injury.

  • SAGE Scholars Private College & University Consortium

    We value our partnerships with member colleges and universities.

    We are proud of the caliber of colleges and universities we have worked with over the last 27 years. These institutions attract top students from all over the country, and it is our privilege to partner with them. There are over 455 members in our SAGE Scholars Private College & University Consortium, and 90% of Consortium colleges and universities have received an “America’s Best” ranking by U.S. News and World Report.