Moravian University

1200 Main St. - Bethlehem, PA 18018

Wanna hear something brilliant?

Moravian is the place for those expecting remarkably dedicated faculty, the latest technology, the warmest of spirits, and the power to truly transform your life. 

At Moravian University, the stars shine a little bit brighter. 

Set in charming Bethlehem and the picturesque Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania, Moravian University has deep roots and a record of success longer than that of our nation. 

The iconic Moravian star is engraved in our history and is present everywhere you turn. Moravian’s feel is entwined with that of Bethlehem’s, carrying both the resilience of its steel town lore and the lightness of the window candles that glow each night in Moravian tradition. 

Known as the Christmas City, Bethlehem is so regarded for its history that it’s been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site shortlist, hoping to join such historic sites as Independence Hall, the Statue of Liberty, and the pyramids of Egypt. 

Your path to success becomes clear

For a small school, the Moravian experience has a broad reach. You can choose from more than 70 areas of study or even design your own major. Plus, the graduate program provides more than 45 doctorate and master’s degrees and certification options. But you don’t have to decide anything right now. At Moravian, we want you to take the time to explore all of your academic interests and then focus on your chosen path. 

Our Elevate experience will light the way.

Moravian University’s distinctive undergraduate experience, Elevate, begins with an extraordinary commitment to students and ends with the promise of a successful future—a career you love. 

Your Elevate undergraduate experience is all-encompassing—it’s four years of challenging academics, engaging student life, the latest Apple technology, and hands-on career exploration and support. Every aspect is designed with your future in mind. It’s our approach to a liberal arts education that prepares you for success after graduation.

No matter your major or area of interest, your experience at Moravian will be centered around four essential elements: Teamwork and Leadership, Global Experience, Work Experience, and Career Support.

About Moravian University

Founded in 1742, Moravian University offers students a private education they will not find anywhere else: personal attention and preparation for life with a record of success longer than our nation's history. With small class sizes and expansive academics, Moravian University is both selective and accessible, rooted in an education-for-all inclusiveness that we pioneered. Moravian has constantly evolved over 280 years and now carries university recognition, reflecting the richness of our undergraduate, graduate, and research offerings.

Mission Statement

Moravian University's liberal arts education prepares each individual for a reflective life, fulfilling careers, and transformative leadership in a world of change.