Information for Families

A college planning and savings program like no other!

By enrolling in Tuition Rewards, students will earn guaranteed minimum scholarships at over 455 participating private colleges and universities across America! The scholarships can equal up to one full year's tuition!

Each Tuition Rewards Point is equal to $1.00 in tuition discounts if the student attends a participating college or university. The accumulated points represent the minimum scholarship (grant or other institutional discount) that the student will receive.

It’s true…

35,000 Tuition Rewards Points represent a guaranteed minimum $35,000 scholarship at our member colleges. Your loved one may receive more, but is guaranteed not to receive less!

Tuition Reward Points accrue like frequent flyer miles and are typically earned by saving or investing with affiliated financial institutions - or simply by being employed by one of over 135,000 employers nationwide that offer Tuition Rewards. Financial products include 529 plans, banks, brokerage firms, credit unions, mutual funds and diverse financial service companies involved in cash-value insurance products, retirement plans and other instruments. What makes Tuition Rewards even more unique is that you don't have to use the investment earning Reward Points to pay for college! How you pay for college is your choice.


Throughout our website we frequently use the term "Sponsor". A Sponsor is usually the parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle who is the owner of the Tuition Rewards account. Sponsors are required to register on our website to be able to track and utilize their Tuition Rewards Points. Sponsors are responsible for adding students to their Tuition Rewards account, assigning Tuition Rewards Points to students, and submitting Tuition Rewards Points to member colleges and universities.

“SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards has been very beneficial to our family. My son only applied to participating schools. The Tuition Rewards my son earned allowed him to attend the school of this choice, which would have been financially difficult otherwise. This is a great program!”

Beth-Anne H., Coatsville, PA


Students may be sponsored and receive Tuition Rewards Points from multiple sponsors (ex: parents & grandparents,). A sponsor must transfer Tuition Rewards Points to a student prior to August 31st of the year that the student begins 12th grade. A sponsor may provide Tuition Rewards to any child in the sponsor's immediate or extended family. Eligible relations include children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews as well as great/grand relations, step, God and adopted children.

Deadline to Add a Student Beneficiary

Students can be added to Tuition Rewards at anytime from birth through August 31 of the year that the student begins 12th grade.

Beginning in 10th grade, students can begin to use our exclusive SAGE Scholars FastTrak Program. FastTrak guides students through the creation of a robust Tuition Rewards studnet profile. As students complete more of their FastTrak, they will earn significant Tuition Rewards Bonus Points. Additionally, students with high FastTrak scores are actively promoted to member colleges for recruitment!

“The SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program secured that I didn’t have to settle for second best, but instead gave me the opportunity to choose a college that I wanted to go to, and one where I will thrive. I am very thankful for the doors that SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards opened for me and the excitement that surrounds me because I am going to attend the college of my dreams.”

Denali S., Bozeman, MT

Using Tuition Rewards Points

When a Tuition Rewards student applies to a participating college (or colleges), the Sponsor must submit the student's Tuition Rewards statement to that college or university within ten (10) days of the student's application. If the student has created a login for his or her student account, the student can also submit the Tuition Rewards statement.