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Information for Families


Tuition Reward Points can be earned through your workplace benefits, affiliated financial institutions, health insurance providers, or your employer. Accumulated Tuition Rewards Points create scholarships for students and result in guaranteed minimum institutional aid off the price of tuition at member colleges and universities.

Information for Colleges


The SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Consortium is a unique private college enrollment marketing tool to help fill incoming classes. As a member of the consortium, you’ll receive free access to our student data that can help you to recruit a student whose family is actively planning and preparing for their child’s college education.

Information for Employers


Tuition Rewards makes it possible for employers and benefit providers to provide participants’ and policy holders’ families with guaranteed minimum college scholarships to participating member colleges and universities. Tuition Rewards will help give your company an edge in workplace and member satisfaction.

Information for Financial Organizations

Financial Organizations

Tuition Rewards makes it possible for participating financial organizations to provide participants’ and policy holders’ children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews with guaranteed college scholarships to participating colleges and universities. Giving organizations meaningful incentives to help retain members and attract new ones.