SAGE Scholars Ambassador Program

Mentorship and student support play an essential role in the success of incoming college freshmen by providing a solid foundation and a smooth transition to a new academic environment. Our resources help incoming students develop valuable skills, refine study habits, and learn how to build meaningful connections with peers and faculty. Mentorship also offers personalized guidance that cultivates confidence on the road to degree completion. Ultimately, student support systems empower first-year students, enabling them to thrive academically and personally in their collegiate journey.

For these reasons, we’ve created the SAGE Scholars Ambassador program. Feeling nervous about beginning your first year of college? Curious what to expect from the first year? By becoming a SAGE Scholars Ambassador, you will receive support for navigating college and gain access to an exclusive virtual community of high-achieving incoming freshmen.

Our first cohort will come together in Fall 2023. Ambassadors receive a biweekly newsletter in their inboxes. This newsletter provides information for navigating all the stressors that come with freshman year — from those students may have heard about to the ones they haven’t.

Ambassadors will also receive an invitation to our twice-semester webinar series with college educators and professionals. These informal Q&A style hangouts introduce students to networking opportunities with freshmen nationwide and provide opportunities to ask questions about internships and career paths.

All ambassadors will be featured on our website and can opt into additional publishing opportunities in SAGE Scholars Newsroom — along with other video, marketing, and writing projects tailored to your student strengths. These projects support fellow and future freshmen and help you to build a resume and/or portfolio that stands out from the crowd.

Interested in joining our community? Apply now to become a member of the 1st SAGE Scholars Ambassador cohort!