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10 Ways to Afford the College You Love

As you search for your perfect college, keep in mind that sticker price is not where you should begin. After all, the least expensive education today may wind up costing you in future opportunities.

A college education is an investment in a loved one’s future. The right college program—not just the right price—is what will make a difference in the long run. Start by finding colleges that are the right match, refine that list, and then research the bottom line—what it will actually cost.

Did you know that a private college may cost less than you think? Many families end their research at the published list price, and never factor in the “true cost” of a college. For example, nationwide, students are over 70% more likely to graduate from a private, not-for-profit college or university compared to a state or public university - which translates to significant savings for your family. Don’t let the list price of tuition scare you away from considering a private college education.