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Questions You Need Answered to Prepare For College This Fall

To help the class of 2020 prepare for the fall, we have compiled some of the most important questions that experts say students should ask the college or university they plan to attend. Times are uncertain, but with a little help we know you will be ready.

The Big Five Questions:

  • Will the college open as expected in the fall?
  • Will classes be online or in-person?
  • Could the semester be split between online and in-person?
  • Will there be a tuition adjustment if classes are delayed and/or online?
  • Are financial aid adjustments due to COVID-19 for one year or all four?

Reasons to Request a Review of Your Financial Aid Package:

  • Unemployed/furloughed
  • Decrease in income
  • Unexpected medical expenses

Changes to financial aid packages take time. To help the process move smoothly provide the following information:

  • Proof of unemployment/furlough. Include date it began.
  • Proof of decreased income. Include date it began.
  • Explanation of medical expenses. Colleges may or may not require documentation.
  • Ask the expected time frame for any changes in financial aid package.

Payment Plans:

  • Does it include tuition and room and board?
  • How many months are the payments spread over?
  • Is there a fee? If so, are you waiving it this year?

Fall 2020:

  • If college is delayed will the tuition be adjusted?
  • If all classes are online will tuition be adjusted?
  • How will work study be handled if college is online?


  • If I cannot attend in the fall due to finances will my deposit be returned?
  • Can my deposit be deferred if I enroll in a future semester?
  • Will the housing deposit be refunded if classes begin online?