Tuition Rewards by SAGE Scholars
Beyond Financial Aid: Funding Strategies for College Costs
by James B. Johnston, Ed.D.

Financial Aid Is Not "Paying for College." College Funding Is "Paying for College."

What a great country we live in! Our colleges and universities - what we call "higher education" - are the envy of the world. In fact, last year about 1.1 million foreign students chose to study in the United States.

College isn't a sure-fire guarantee of success and happiness. Many Americans didn't go to college - yet have done very well for themselves. Look at Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. He's among the world's richest men - and a college dropout! But on average:

  • College graduates' first jobs pay over $17,000 more than high school graduates' first jobs
  • College graduates average 64% more in yearly earnings than high school graduates.
  • College graduates earn about $1.3 million more in their lifetimes than high school graduates