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Join Tuition Rewards & Target Solid Students Interested
in a Private College Education

The Tuition Rewards consortium, from SAGE Scholars, is a unique private college enrollment marketing tool to fill a "traditional" freshman class. Our member colleges & universities are able to identify prospective students from families who are actively saving and planning for higher education... and who have indicated interest in attending a private college.

Our member colleges have free access to our student database once students reach 9th grade. There is no list rental fee; participating colleges can download names at no charge to mail or e-mail marketing materials to participating students. Learn more or contact us for complete information.

One member college recently shared data from its sophisticated applicant-tracking system. For a recent freshman class, of 28 sources of leads of prospective students, Tuition Rewards ranked 5th in inquiries, applications and acceptances - and 3rd as a source of enrolled students.

Financial Aid Discussion

Families earn Tuition Rewards Points by saving and investing with our SAGE financial affiliates. Tuition Reward Points represent guaranteed minimum scholarships that member schools offer from their own institutional resources.

Member colleges are obligated to provide a scholarship or grant at least equal (in dollars) to the Tuition Reward Points submitted with student's application. The discount is spread equally over four years of attendance, and is capped and cannot exceed the freshman-year tuition (or as agreed). Discounts may be stacked, blended or a combination of both methods.

To receive complete information about the Tuition Rewards program, our program's financial aid implications, and the benefits of membership, read more about our recruiting advantages or please contact us to request further information.

There is no cost for a college to join the Tuition Rewards Enrollment Marketing Consortium.

Recruiting Advantages for Member Colleges

  • Search our student database - Participating colleges have unlimited, free access to our database of students (data is downloadable for grades 9 and later). Participating schools can target prospective students on numerous criteria such as location by ZIP code or state, as well as intended areas of academic interest.
  • Depth and quality of data - Many students have volunteered detailed profile information such as e-mail address, GPA, ACT/SAT scores, activities, majors of interest, ethnicity and the relative importance of attending a college affiliated with a religious denomination. We perform USPS updates on our database at least twice per year to help ensure our schools have the most accurate information possible.
  • Preformatted student data - Easily download data-sets for entire "graduating classes" of students in Excel and CSV formats. Choose all students, only students with e-mail addresses, or subsets based on intended majors. Interested in a particular subset of our student data? Just ask us and we'll create a custom download!
  • Save money on list rentals - Download our names; then, if they match with names rented from outside list suppliers, typically you're not obligated to pay for duplicates. By doing this, one member college has saved as much as $1,200 on list rental fees on a single mailing.
  • We'll send e-mails to participating families - Although member colleges are able to directly contact participating students, because of investor privacy restrictions, member colleges are prohibited from contacting participating investors. However, on behalf of a member college, at no charge SAGE will send up to two targeted, content-rich e-mail messages per year, marketing your institution to selected participating families (by grade). The response to a recent email was a 29% open rate and a 15.5% click-through rate to the member college's website.
  • Expand your marketing & public relations - SAGE uniquely markets its member schools to families through financial partners and their distributors, employers, associations, unions and non-profit organizations. Provide a profile, photo gallery, news & scholarships to display (at no charge) to students, families & financial professionals. We will market your college through our Market Cap and Gown website and weekly e-newsletter. You can post news about your college and about your recruiting events on our website.
  • Do the right thing - Schools that work with SAGE realize that to remain affordable, families need to be encouraged to save and plan for the cost of an education. Being affiliated with the Tuition Rewards Program is a way to do just this!

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