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July 9, 2020

Landmark College Joins SAGE Tuition Rewards

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Landmark College Joins SAGE Tuition RewardsLandmark College, a global leader of integrated teaching methods for students with learning differences (including dyslexia, ADHD, and autism), has joined the SAGE Tuition Rewards program.

Based in rural Putney, VT, Landmark offers associate and bachelor's degrees; bridge semesters; online programs; and, summer options for high school and visiting college students. Landmark's high-touch, team-based model of support is designed to address the unique needs of each student. The College's educational technology allows the 500 undergraduates to experiment to find the tools and options that are most effective for their individual learning style.

90% of Landmark students who graduate with an associate degree go on to earn a bachelor's degree, either from the College or elsewhere. Alumni graduate at a rate higher than the national average for all students - and at significantly higher rates versus students with learning differences.

Tuition and fees at Landmark (along with books, computers, and other education-related expenses) may qualify as a medical tax deduction. This deduction is only available at dedicated LD schools where this can be considered as a treatment for learning and attention issues.

The Landmark College Institute for Research and Training conducts groundbreaking research in the field of neurodiversity, sharing this knowledge with educators around the world through webinars, workshops, professional training, and online courses.

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