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January 12, 2021

University of Pennsylvania names SAGE Scholars Founder "Alumni Educator of the Year"

The University of Pennsylvania's Dr. Pam Grossman, dean of the Graduate School of Education (Penn GSE) and George and Diane Weiss Professor of Education, has awarded James B. Johnston (MBA '66, Ed.D '76) the "Penn GSE Educator of the Year" honor. Dr. Johnston, founder and Chairman of SAGE Scholars, received his MBA from the University's Wharton School and doctorate from Penn GSE. The Award "recognizes an outstanding graduate of the University, preferably of the Graduate School of Education, who demonstrates unusual involvement in and commitment to identifying and helping to resolve school problems and current issues in education."

Dean Grossman, commenting upon his selection, stated, "We were delighted to honor Jim with this distinction. His entrepreneurial and innovative efforts at SAGE Scholars have helped make private higher education an accessible and affordable option for countless students and their families. Jim's leadership continues to create and expand educational opportunities for learners, practitioners, and scholars, including our very own at Penn GSE, and his impact serves as an inspirational example to our 18,000 alumni worldwide."

"I am humbled by the award," Dr. Johnston said. "Penn's Graduate School of Education and its alumni represent the very high ideals of American education, and to be chosen to represent that excellence is truly an honor."

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