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May 27, 2010

Prescott College Joins Tuition Rewards

Prescott College (Prescott, AZ), an evolving experiment in collaboration and teamwork as the cornerstone of learning, is the second Arizona school and 251st member of the Tuition Rewards private college & university enrollment consortium.

Optional grades. Narrative Evaluations. No barriers. Limited bureaucracy. No summa or magna or "best in show" ribbons. Prescott College is a peripatetic community of lively intellects and fearless explorers whose connecting threads are a passion for social justice and the environment - and a keen sense of adventure.

Prescott's highly individual philosophy mandates and incorporates experiential learning into every course, blending rigorous coursework with a specific focus that prepares students for important but nontraditional roles in society. The approximately 500 Prescott students are exceptional in a number of categories — their concern about the environment, their interest in other cultures and racial understanding, their psychological well-being and their inclination toward socially responsible leadership.

Prescott students spend less time memorizing and more time synthesizing and organizing information into new, more complex ideas. In a combined measure of Active and Collaborative learning, Prescott students score near the top of the 1,000+ institutions that participate in the annual National Survey of Student Engagement.

The most popular majors include Environmental Studies/Sciences, Adventure Education /Outdoor Education, Cultural and Regional Studies/Social Sciences and Psychology. Majors are also offered in the Visual Arts, Creative Writing and Professional Teacher Preparation.

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