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June 14, 2010

Eastern Nazarene College Joins Tuition Rewards

A traditional liberal arts college located on Boston’s historic south shore, within walking distance of Quincy Bay, Eastern Nazarene College is the 10th Massachusetts member of the Tuition Rewards private college & university enrollment consortium.

Eastern Nazarene College is dedicated to student discovery -- of your world, yourself and your purpose. It is a place to cultivate your potential, explore your opportunities and develop your Christian faith. Imagine a college where classmates become lifelong friends and faculty become like family. ENC will be a home away from home, where you'll expand your perspective, challenge your way of thinking, and make a difference in a world that needs change and hope.

1,075 residential undergraduates attend ENC. Although known for its success in getting students into top graduate and medical schools as well as a 100% law school acceptance rate, the emphasis is on the teaching and mentoring of students in a nurturing, spiritually informed and academically supportive environment. Students are encouraged to travel, engage in service learning projects, and participate in praxis experiences as a part of their education.

ENC, which recently celebrated its 100th birthday, is the 22nd member of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) to participate in Tuition Rewards.

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