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October 1, 2010

The Sage Colleges Join Tuition Rewards

The Sage Colleges, vibrant institutions enrolling more than 3,000 students in bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs, have joined the Tuition Rewards private college & university enrollment consortium. The colleges include the undergraduate Russell Sage College for women (Troy, NY); the coeducational Sage College of Albany; and, graduate-level schools of education, health sciences and management. While sharing a unified mission, the colleges and schools are academically distinct.

Founded in 1916, Russell Sage College offers interdisciplinary programs focused on leadership and entrepreneurship in an environment aimed at empowering students to become women of influence in their careers and communities.

Russell Sage College enrolls about 700 undergraduates -- 150 in accelerated bachelor's/master's programs -- and is home to the only incubator for nanotechnology and emerging science ventures on a women's college campus. The Discovery Degree – "Your Bachelor's in Three" – allows exceptional students to enhance almost any major and earn a degree in three years, with interdisciplinary coursework and travel that uses the Hudson River as a text to study history, the arts, and social, political, economic and environmental issues. Majors include creative arts in therapy, musical theatre, nutrition and nursing.

Russell Sage offers an extensive internship program. Many students complement their classroom learning with semesters abroad. Strategic global partnerships include the Sage-SIFT Alliance with the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade; an exchange program for nursing students with Mahidol University in Thailand; and, relationships with universities in Canada, China and Mexico.

A gorgeous campus – with Victorian brownstones surrounding a modern glass-domed pavilion and hidden courtyards – supply students with a new sitting spot for every study session (or study break!). Russell Sage College is the 13th member of The Women’s College Coalition to participate in Tuition Rewards.

Sage College of Albany, founded as a coed junior college in 1949 and awarding bachelor's degrees since 2002, offers a celebrated visual arts program and respected programs in business, legal studies, and computer science. Sage College of Albany enrolls about 900 students, 200 in accelerated bachelor's/master's programs.

Sage College of Albany understands that the world is multidisciplinary. The fastest-growing industries worldwide are communications, entertainment, information and graphics. Sage's core educational curriculum is a three-course sequence in Innovation Thinking, affectionately dubbed i.Think and designed to impart skills for success in the 21st century.

All students – regardless of their major – encounter creative problem-solving, critical thinking, group interaction, leadership, design thinking and community engagement via i.Think. Because there's no substitute for experience, internships aren't just suggested, they're required.

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