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By: Kaley Ciluffo — June 21, 2022
Mental health has become an issue of concern and a topic of discussion for students. While many explanations exist for this increase, it's imperative that we vocalize the challenges, stressors, and demands that students face so we can work to resolve them. This attention becomes more important as many students enroll on college campuses, leaving behind their communities, support groups, and homes. The adjustment period for college freshmen is critical to building a solid foundation for a successful four years. In this article we discuss what actions college students can take to destress and protect their mental wellness.
By: Maria Parrish — June 20, 2022
This two-part series will explain the benefits of the Federal Work-Study program as well as how to use the Career Center during your educational journey.
By: Maggie Argiro — June 20, 2022
Are you thinking about studying abroad as part of your college experience? Maybe you’re excited about new cultural experiences or looking for ways to strengthen your resume. From language immersions to service-learning trips, SAGE Scholars partner institutions offer many ways to get off campus.
By: Ceanna Hayes Daniels — June 20, 2022
One of the best things about college is that you're no longer constrained by the limits of your high school self. You have the chance to become the person you want to be, not just the person you've always been. You have the opportunity to grow and change your habits, experiment with new study strategies, and develop a new rhythm to match your new college workload.
By: Nichole Brazelton — June 16, 2022
As a professor, I hear it all the time, "Why are we forced to take these useless classes?" In this article, I hope to accomplish two goals. First, to clarify the many positives of liberal arts courses in general. Second, to break down the specific uses across various career fields of multiple subjects under the umbrella of liberal arts.
By: SAGE Scholars — June 7, 2022
It's a reality, summer is winding down and with every passing day there are more and more commercials for back to school products. Before you know it, you will be back in the classroom, taking notes, and preparing for tests. Don't stop reading! As stressful as going back to school may seem, it will be less stressful the more you prepare for it and visualize what kind of student you want to be this year.
By: SAGE Scholars — June 7, 2022
Students everywhere are under a lot of pressure. So it's important to take time to mentally prepare for the stresses of school. Remember, you can succeed academically without sapping your mental health.
By: SAGE Scholars — June 7, 2022
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There are certain habits that the smart students have and one of them is that they keep track of the grade every quiz, paper, test they get. In high school I watched my best friend write down every grade she got in her student planner. I asked her why and she said that she liked knowing how she was doing in school and what she would have to get on an upcoming test to keep up her grades. Soon I started doing it too. It made life easier in the long run because I knew how I was doing and if I slipped up on a quiz or a test and I knew exactly what I needed to get on the next one to turn around my grade. It sounds slightly obvious, but having a target in sight made it easier to hit it.
By: SAGE Scholars — May 5, 2022
Studying abroad is a formative part of the college experience that expands students' worldview and creates lifelong memories. Across the country, our SAGE Scholars member institutions open opportunities for these new experiences and all the considerations that accompany a semester abroad. We've put together some considerations to make when comparing study abroad programs and reasons why studying abroad really maximizes your college experience.
By: SAGE Scholars — May 5, 2022
Extracurricular activities are not only a great way to engage in campus life and build community, but they also can help students build a strong resume that signals to employers your unique skill sets and passions. Due to the ease of online applications, many resumes are first scanned by computer software and don’t ever make it into the recruiter’s hands. While everyone knows to list paid jobs on resumes, it may come as a surprise that you can also list certain extracurricular activities. With the new semester in full swing and summer fast approaching, we’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of top extracurricular activities recruiters look for on resumes. For those students who are beginning to formulate a plan for post-grad life, these experiences—the skill sets gained from them—will broaden your horizons both on campus and post-graduation.