College Admissions

By: Kaley Ciluffo — June 20, 2022
How students choose to spend this time varies, but for many students gap years can help them gain real-world experiences that improve the quality of their application. If done right, a gap year can be purposeful and help students derive more meaning from their college education. In this article we've gathered some experiences and activities that can help boost your application and maximize your gap year.
By: SAGE Scholars — June 2, 2022
For many students, the college applications process is an emotional rollercoaster. Your peers may celebrate their college acceptance or experience disappointment after receiving rejections from their dream schools. After one of the most tumultuous and competitive college admissions cycles to date, many students wonder what more they could've done to receive admission into their choice college.
By: SAGE Scholars — May 16, 2022
Though a relatively new component to the college application, many schools adopt this short supplemental to further showcase students, their communities, and their personalities. In this article you'll find some helpful tips to help you create a high-quality video portfolio that doesn't require you to be a skilled blogger or content creator. Remember, what matters most is content, creativity, and authenticity. You're the star of this show!
By: SAGE Scholars — May 10, 2022
Have you ever wondered if college admissions committees look at your social media? In 2018, a survey found that 57% of admissions officers viewed it as “fair game” to check a prospective students social media as part of the admissions process. “I think it’s important for kids to understand that colleges, even the really large colleges, are doing much more holistic admissions, that admissions goes way beyond the data,” says Judi Robinovitz, a certified educational planner and founder and co-owner of Score At The Top Learning Centers & Schools in Florida. In this article you can learn how to use social media checks to your benefit.
By: SAGE Scholars — April 23, 2022
In this article you will learn what test optional means and the important questions to consider about submitting test scores.
By: SAGE Scholars — April 2, 2022
What are the biggest factors in making a great impression? In this article we break down some of the key elements admissions officers look for.
By: SAGE Scholars — March 15, 2022
Letters of recommendation are used to strengthen a student’s chance of admission to the college of their choice. Letters are written by high school counselors, academic teachers, coaches and other sources. These letters help the admission team assess the students’ academic strengths and character as seen through the eyes of others. It is a supplemental document to the student’s application, transcript and standardized test scores.
By: SAGE Scholars — March 1, 2022
Setting yourself up for success requires thoughtful and strategic long-term planning. We have put together four tips to help you figure out how to maximize your time while setting yourself up for an eye-catching college application.
By: SAGE Scholars — January 2, 2022
With early application and regular decision deadlines fast approaching, students may feel overwhelmed with the task of writing their essays. At SAGE Scholars, we're here to help prepare the next generation of prospective students for success. During this critical time in students' lives, college essays will be among the essential facets of their applications. Though high stakes, this aspect of the application is also open to the most creativity and personalization. Essays are a chance for students to explain their passions and dreams—while also exploring what makes them who they are. Below, you'll discover some helpful essay writing tips that can separate your application from the rest of the pack!
By: SAGE Scholars — January 2, 2022
In this article learn about the three most common college interview styles, the typical questions, and how to prepare.