The Ultimate SAGE Scholars Student

We've compiled a list of ways students and parents can engage with the program and become the ideal SAGE Scholar.

By SAGE Scholars — December 19, 2022

The Ultimate SAGE Scholars Student

SAGE Scholars has worked to provide families with the resources to navigate higher education for over twenty-five years. As the years have gone on, SAGE Scholars has adapted, expanded, and reequipped families for the ever-changing climate of higher education. While many sponsors and students may know of and understand the SAGE Scholars mission to make private college more affordable, they may not know the full extent of the benefit in which they receive by participating in the program. To maximize this benefit, we've compiled a list of ways students and parents can engage with the program and become the ideal SAGE Scholar.

Enrolling in FastTrak

With over 450 colleges in our consortium, SAGE Scholars recently launched FastTrak. Our colleges know that SAGE students represent some of the most ambitious, prepared, and qualified admits. This track record of success drove us to streamline the admissions process for our member families. FastTrak offers the opportunity for colleges to apply to students whose criteria best fit their institutions particular goals and ideal matriculating student.

This means SAGE Scholars students can receive college acceptance before the admission deadline by providing six key pieces of information.

  1. Current Email
  2. Self-reported GPA
  3. Transcripts
  4. Favorite SAGE Scholars Colleges & Universities
  5. Majors or Academic Interests
  6. Sports and/or Activities

With this information, students complete their FastTrak profile, and put themselves on a expedited path to admissions to our over 450 private colleges. The more information students upload, the better chance they will have at gaining early acceptance into college and avoiding the stress of applications season.

Engaging the Newsroom

Have you ever wondered what to expect when matriculating to university? Have you grappled with applying to grad school or balancing the myriad of responsibilities college students juggle? Considering continuing your athletics career in college, but are unsure where to begin? Our SAGE Scholars Newsroom is another benefit that we offer to parents and students who seek to better understand all things higher education.

As a SAGE Scholars student, you have free and unlimited access to the Newsroom. This platform publishes new content daily centering all things college. Our colleges know that SAGE Scholars students commit to maximizing their college investment early. The Newsroom guides all types of students-commuter, high school, undergraduate, graduate, transfer, and more—through all the ins and outs of college. From study tips, dorm room decorating, mental health, networking with professors, and picking a career, this space is created for students by students and college professors who have unique insight into college life. SAGE Scholars knows that preparing for college extends beyond money matters, as a benefit for families the Newsroom answers all the questions you didn't know needed asking. Check back weekly to see new article drops and opportunities to prepare for whatever challenge colleges might bring.

Apply to Scholarships Through the Educational Foundation

SAGE Scholars students gain exclusive access to hard dollar scholarships through our Educational Foundation. As a member, students have the opportunity to participate in our annual essay competition awarding thousands of dollars in scholarships. Keep an eye on your email for announcements regarding exclusive scholarships offered to our families. In addition to our essay competition awards we offer the Legends Scholars championing visionary leaders and SAGE Secure for students who face unique hardship while earning their degree.

As a part of the SAGE Scholars family, our program constantly expands and revisions our commitment to students and what it means to maximize a college investment. Through it all, our commitment and values remain the same: demystify the idea that the sticker price of private college is beyond reach. With these benefits—FastTrak, Newsroom, and Educational Foundation—we provide students with unique ways to prepare, plan, and navigate their college education. The ultimate SAGE Scholars student seizes every opportunity we offer to advance their education. In doing so, they gain invaluable access and knowledge that prepares them for college and beyond.

SAGE Scholars

SAGE Scholars

At SAGE Scholars, we deeply believe in the value and quality of private higher education. Our mission is to provide access to affordable college opportunities while bringing together families, colleges & universities, and benefit providers to create college funding solutions. Since 1995, SAGE Scholars has bridged the gap between students who want a quality private college education and colleges that will work closely with member families to ensure affordability — all at no cost to the families.
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