Kaley Ciluffo

Kaley is a current Ph.D. student in Critical Psychology. In 2021, she earned her M.S. Ed at the University of Pennsylvania with distinction. Prior to matriculating at Penn, Kaley earned her B.A. and Master of Political Science from Villanova University in 2020. Kaley’s research continues to build the Healing-Centered Mentorship framework that emerged from her master’s thesis. She seeks to understand, broadly, how students may achieve posttraumatic growth in unconventional ways, how educators might agitate fixed perceptions of identities, and how to push institutions, typically uncaring spaces, toward courage for our most vulnerable and marginalized. At SAGE Scholars, Kaley is responsible for running the Newsroom and producing short form content. She also maintains clear communications over social media and marketing among member colleges and works in various capacities with the college relations department. In her spare time, Kaley is the lead student editor of Penn GSE’s peer-reviewed journal, Perspectives on Urban Education.

Articles By Kaley Ciluffo

By: Kaley Ciluffo — July 16, 2022
Caring for your health in college proves challenging for many students—particularly those struggling to adjust to a new schedule and lifestyle away from home. Moving into adulthood, allowing physical and mental wellness to become a low priority can have adverse consequences.
By: Kaley Ciluffo — June 21, 2022
This article discusses what actions college students can take to destress and protect their mental wellness.
By: Kaley Ciluffo — July 19, 2022
Tags: high school
For rising juniors and seniors, summer is a time to start your college search afresh or solidify your shortlist. If you’re looking out of state, the feasibility of visiting or ‘trying out’ prospective colleges will likely be out of reach and not beneficial until you’ve narrowed your list to two to three possibilities. One way to gain tremendous insight about a prospective college is to visit the website.
By: Kaley Ciluffo — June 20, 2022
In this article we've gathered some experiences and activities that can help boost your application and maximize your gap year.