College Life

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By: Ryan Adams — November 22, 2022
As a student-athlete, it may require more discipline to experience a new culture while maintaining fitness. However, the work is worth the sights, lessons, friends, and personal growth you will experience while away from home.
By: Xavier Royer — November 21, 2022
Most students come to college with a few tools already developed in high school, but probably not enough to breeze through their university career. Students should be conscious of their current toolbox and always look to expand, refine, and improve it.
By: Paul Merimee — November 21, 2022
Managing finances in college can be challenging. This article is here to ease that stress and give you a few helpful tips to maximize your savings in college.
By: SAGE Scholars — November 21, 2022
As a student there are decisions you need to make concerning your health care. Learn about health insurance options in college and find the right student plan for your needs!
By: Xavier Royer — November 21, 2022
This article stresses the importance of being proactive about priorities.
By: Mackenzie Roberts — November 21, 2022
From your first day of college until the day you graduate, you will be juggling many different things. This article will teach you how to save yourself from wasted time and unnecessary stress!
By: Samantha Bockoven — November 17, 2022
There are many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving right on campus. Use this list to create fun ways to celebrate the holiday with your friends.
By: Xavier Royer — November 17, 2022
It is common for prospective study abroad students to be unsure of whether they are ready to take their studies overseas. There are several important things to consider before making your decision.
By: Xavier Royer — November 16, 2022
Midterms are an excellent checkpoint for students to stop, reflect, and evaluate the first half of the semester to increase their chances of success in the second half.
By: Xavier Royer — November 16, 2022
Studying abroad is an incredibly enlightening experience enhanced by preparedness and respectful traveling. This article will give you the framework to have the best travel experience possible.
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