College Life

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By: Ceanna Hayes Daniels — September 21, 2023
You can be very introverted and still have a rich, rewarding social life in college - it might just look different from that of your extroverted peers.
By: Justina Thompson — September 21, 2023
Have you ever stopped to question the perspective orientation is framed from?
By: Ceanna Hayes Daniels — September 20, 2023
Since your family may not be nearby to take care of you during the school year, it's crucial that you learn to be kind to yourself so that you take care of yourself effectively if you get sick.
By: Jessica Dickenson — September 18, 2023
As a college student and, more importantly, as a citizen of the world, you should be a rebellious reader. Here are ten old and new banned books you should pick up and read.
By: Norrell Edwards — September 6, 2023
This is the final section of our talk with Jerome Harper. This section will cover the social aspect of work as well as Jerome's decision to build his own business.
By: Jessica Dickenson — September 6, 2023
Leaders who embody the principles of transformational leadership can inspire others and be bastions for positive change in their community. As the world continues to evolve, transformational leaders will play a pivotal role in shaping the future for generations to come.
By: Justina Thompson — August 31, 2023
This article explains a few ways to practice sustainability around fashion and clothing while at school.
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