Money Matters

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By: Paul Merimee — November 21, 2022
Managing finances in college can be challenging. This article is here to ease that stress and give you a few helpful tips to maximize your savings in college.
By: Xavier Royer — November 17, 2022
It is common for prospective study abroad students to be unsure of whether they are ready to take their studies overseas. There are several important things to consider before making your decision.
By: Xavier Royer — November 16, 2022
Studying abroad is an incredibly enlightening experience enhanced by preparedness and respectful traveling. This article will give you the framework to have the best travel experience possible.
By: Samantha Bockoven — November 14, 2022
The number one inhibitor of travel is money. These travel tips will give you the tools to start planning your trip without putting a huge dent in your wallet!
By: SAGE Scholars — November 8, 2022
Here's a look at credit-building tools, and how to use them to earn a good credit score.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — November 4, 2022
As an informed college student, you are probably aware of President Biden’s proposal to eliminate up to $20,000 in student loan debt per borrower. This means possible thousands in loan forgiveness for many current or former students. When planning your economic future, lowered loan amounts can be critical to your transition into the job force after graduation.
By: SAGE Scholars — November 2, 2022
Why is it important to strive for a higher credit score? Simply put, those with higher credit scores generally receive more favorable credit terms, which may translate into lower payments and less paid in interest over the life of the account.
By: Jessica Dickenson — October 26, 2022
College is the first time in many students' lives that they are independent of their parents. This is a time of new and exciting transitions. You may no longer live at home, or you may be funding your college education, but you may be relying on your parents' financial information to complete the FAFSA.
By: Samantha Bockoven — October 19, 2022
Although dorm rooms and on-campus apartments tend to be tight on space, you can create a small makeshift kitchen area with some creativity. Several compact appliances have many functions that will give you the freedom you need to make all the foods you love. Remember to check your dorm's rules before purchasing any of these items.
By: Al Dickenson — October 19, 2022
One of the most rewarding ways to begin your college career is by starting it in high school. College is a daunting experience, no doubt about it. High school is likewise a stretch of your life that may bring bad memories and experiences. Both school experiences may offer horror stories you will live with for your entire life. However, speaking from experience, you can reduce the number of scary experiences that could occur in your first year by beginning your college career while still attending high school.
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