Money Matters

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By: Xavier Royer — June 22, 2023
This article provides some advice on what to look out for, and what to avoid when it comes to long term commitments.
By: Xavier Royer — June 20, 2023
Budgeting is incredibly important, and I urge students to make and stick to one. However, there will be moments when going over budget is the correct call.
By: Xavier Royer — June 9, 2023
This article will look to give basic information on some of the new expenses students will become responsible for so students can begin wrapping their head around a new world of finances.
By: Al Dickenson — April 26, 2023
Though it may not be everyone's first choice to go far away for college, international schooling is something people could consider, especially as the economy tightens and more schools close in the United States.
By: Kaitlin Meyer — April 26, 2023
This article outlines the main types of investment accounts. Put some thought into what your investment goals are and choose the best account for your purposes. Happy investing!
By: Kaitlin Meyer — April 19, 2023
Understanding both the stock market and the economy more fully will also help you make better, more informed investment and economic decisions.
By: Jacob Stellick — April 5, 2023
Understanding the various types of investments, ways to start investing, and the best path for you are choices that can help set you up for success.
By: Mackenzie Roberts — April 3, 2023
This article will detail some of the key information you need to know leading up to the LSAT.
By: Connor Daniels — April 3, 2023
The payoff won't be immediate, but consistent bookkeeping is the foundation for financial independence and one of the most important habits you can develop as a college student.
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