Athletics & Extracurriculars

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By: Carter Thompson — November 22, 2022
The college athletic experience is quite the journey, but developing disciplined habits for success and realizing what you're getting into is key to your enjoyment of your sport. So, is it for you?
By: Ryan Adams — November 22, 2022
As a student-athlete, it may require more discipline to experience a new culture while maintaining fitness. However, the work is worth the sights, lessons, friends, and personal growth you will experience while away from home.
By: Ryan Adams — November 22, 2022
Being a great athlete often starts with being coachable. As an athlete, here are a few things you should be conscious of during competitions and practices.
By: Nathaniel Tamminga — November 22, 2022
Collegiate sports are a great experience, but they wear on your body. Having these five things in your college dorm will help you stay on top of your recovery and allow you to continue to play the sport you love at the collegiate level.
By: Xavier Royer — November 17, 2022
It is common for prospective study abroad students to be unsure of whether they are ready to take their studies overseas. There are several important things to consider before making your decision.
By: Xavier Royer — November 16, 2022
Studying abroad is an incredibly enlightening experience enhanced by preparedness and respectful traveling. This article will give you the framework to have the best travel experience possible.
By: Al Dickenson — November 8, 2022
Audio/Visual work is used by many professions, including journalists, television marketers, and digital media workers. Here are some basic tips to improve your audio/visual skills and the quality of your work.
By: Adison Bollman — October 31, 2022
A career as an artist offers an opportunity to express yourself while also being a potentially lucrative career. There are several drawing course options available for art majors. These courses provide an in-depth look at drawing techniques and theory, as well as an opportunity to exhibit your work.
By: Norrell Edwards — October 28, 2022
If you're considering a graduate program, consider applying for a summer research program. These programs can give you a different perspective on what research looks like in your field. Summer research programs are often funded and allow you to meet faculty and experience a different college environment. You can research in just about any academic field of study, but programs will only participate if labs or faculty agree to hire a researcher. There are a number of medical research programs as well as programs in the arts & sciences at several other schools. These lists are by no means the definitive lists of all existing programs.
By: Paul Merimee — October 26, 2022
Hobbies can complement not just our educational endeavors but also our own lives. Hobbies can push us out of our comfort zones, encouraging us to grow in new and unique ways.
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