Join the SAGE Scholars Newsroom

Join the SAGE Scholars Newsroom

For nearly thirty years, SAGE Scholars has provided our members with the information you need to make college more affordable. We know that a college education is a family's biggest investment. That’s why we’ve built a consortium of over 455 private colleges and universities looking to enroll highly qualified SAGE Scholars students, while providing families with the guidance and resources to prepare for every step of the process.

The SAGE Scholars Newsroom is where you can find all things college. From elementary school to post—graduate life, we provide you with the tools, literacy, and knowledge to maximize your college investment.

Want To Join The Newsroom?

To provide our SAGE Scholars’ families the knowledge they need to prepare and matriculate into member schools, we seek highly qualified writers and students to contribute to our Newsroom. Interested in joining the team? The information below will help you to get started.

Call for Papers

We’re inviting you to write a short article for the SAGE Scholars Newsroom, a resource hub that publishes short form articles (500-1,000 words) to SAGE Scholars’ platform: Tuition Rewards, Ready Set College, and Market Cap & Gown. We’re looking for your expertise, perspective, and insight on everything college—from college planning and funding to campus life and career tips, and everything in between. Short form articles can be written as a case study, brief report, opinion piece, reflections on the field, academic piece, or any writing to share with our Newsroom and engaged audience.

Submission Categories
  • Feature Article

    A feature article educates audiences on college preparation, funding, and related topics in higher education. The article should be clear and well-crafted. SAGE Scholars Newsroom seeks research that adds to and deepens understanding of educational issues and navigating college. Feature articles are selected for publication based on originality and relevance.

    Length: 700-1,000 words

  • Commentary

    Submissions for commentaries should report opinions on topical issues in education. SAGE Scholars Newsroom encourages commentaries that are both traditional short essays or reflections as well as nontraditional in terms of their presentation and may incorporate multimedia such as videos, photo, blogs, podcasts, vlogs, etc. Commentaries should develop a coherent and well-informed interpretation or analysis of a current topic on preparing for college or navigating college.

    Length: 700 words

  • Voices from Campus

    Voices From Campus encourages thoughtful reflection from those who have current first-hand knowledge of our SAGE Scholars member colleges. Maybe, you’re a student or alumni who wants to write about your University. SAGE Scholars Newsroom encourages writing from various voices within different SAGE Scholars institutions: professors, students, parents, and alumni. Voices From Campus should present what those who have experienced the power of a SAGE Scholars education have learned or want to provide a commentary on experiences. We welcome early-stage writers.

    Length: 700-1,000 words

Step 1: Review Our Writing Guidelines

To learn more about writing for the SAGE Scholars Newsroom please select the writing guideline best suited for you:
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Step 2: Complete Your Writers’ Survey

We’re happy you’re interested in writing for SAGE Scholars and would like to get to know you better:
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