Introducing The SAGE Scholars Newsroom

By SAGE Scholars — June 20, 2022

Since 1995, SAGE Scholars has bridged the gap between how families perceive the expense of private college and how they pay for it. With over 440 member institutions and growing, SAGE Scholars has sedimented itself as the nation’s most trustworthy college savings organization. The SAGE Scholars Newsroom is now stepping into a new era of college preparation for students, families, and colleges!

The Newsroom is an extension of SAGE Scholars existing mission: to prepare students and families for the cost of a private college education. Yet, cost is far more than just financial. SAGE Scholars knows that, without preparation, students can experience cost of mind, body, and spirit stepping into this next phase of their lives. College is difficult, but it does not need to be with preparation.

The SAGE Scholars Newsroom seeks to provide families a platform where you can find all things college—equipping you with the tools, literacy, and knowledge to maximize your investment. Because while college does come with a hefty price tag, students can maximize their college experience if they arrive on campus already able to navigate this next step before they join the workforce. We’re here to give students a leg up financially and in many other significant and less tangible ways.

Successfully navigating college campuses, and maximizing your investment, requires self-advocacy and knowledge of campus resources that your tuition pays for. Things like the career center, campus clubs, activities, and study abroad help students gain invaluable experience and networking opportunities that can become instrumental to lining up a job after graduation.

Our newsroom collects feature articles from industry experts in higher education, K-12 education; from professors, students, and journalists who have lived and deeply understand the day-to-day of college campus life. Featuring nine categories, The Newsroom will uplift everything from paying for college and financial aid to student mental health and wellness—all written by current students, educators, or professors. If there’s something that you’d like to learn more about, email:

As we look to begin a new chapter at SAGE Scholars, we’re proud to bring these resources to everyone, whether in the Tuition Rewards program or not. Updated weekly, the Newsroom provides invaluable insight and knowledge—all at no cost to our member colleges, families, or students.