NewU Joins SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards

By SAGE Scholars — January 23, 2023

NewU University has become the first Private Nonprofit College in our nation’s capital to join the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards® Program.

January 23, 2023 - Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC — One of the most innovative colleges in America, NewU University (, has joined the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards® Program. NewU is the first three-year Bachelor’s degree college in the U.S.—empowering families to attend a quality, private, and nonprofit Bachelor’s degree program without breaking the bank. At NewU, students and parents save an entire year of time and money on college. Average tuition and fees after scholarships average just $6,500 per year, with classes on campus in the heart of our nation’s capital, right next to The White House.

“We are very pleased that NewU has joined the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Private College & University Consortium,” stated Dr. James B. Johnston, SAGE Scholars founder. “NewU brings much-needed innovation to higher education and makes college unbelievably affordable. By joining SAGE Scholars, we hope their example inspires more colleges and universities to encourage families to save and prepare for college.”

Stratsi Kulinski, President of NewU University, added: “We built NewU from the ground up to tackle the most pressing issues in higher education — college access, affordability, and student outcomes — sidestepping the legacy constraints with which many of our more established peers are struggling. We designed and created a new breed of University in a very crowded yet unbelievably ripe for reform field.

NewU is the best-kept secret in Higher Education, so we are always on the hunt for meaningful, targeted, and effective channels to market to break through the noise and bring our unbeatable value proposition of quality college education at much more affordable cost to families across the country. NewU University is the only three-year Bachelor’s degree college in the U.S. While we are making waves in our home market within the greater Washington, DC area with educators, students, and parents, only a small number of people know about us on the national stage.

Now that we launched with our first class of students, we are exponentially growing our awareness and reach via a select number of program and partner initiatives. The SAGE Scholars Consortium is a prime platform for us to introduce NewU to their many aspiring college students and their families and offer them a path to private nonprofit college education at a fraction of the cost. We are proud of the fact that none of our students incur debt to attend NewU, and we felt that the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program in combination with our already stunningly affordable tuition will help many more students go to college debt-free.”

NewU is SAGE Scholars’ first participating college in Washington, D.C. The SAGE Scholars Consortium is limited to private colleges and universities and has nearly 500 members in 44 states and Ireland.

NewU University

NewU offers SAGE Scholars students an extra 10% ($1,500) off tuition annually on top of the Tuition Rewards Guarantee!

NOT YOUR OLD UNIVERSITY: Admission, Tuition, Scholarships, and More Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

NewU University redesigned the traditional expensive and stressful college experience from application to graduation. We made college surprisingly affordable with the first and only 3-year Bachelor’s degree.

We identify smart and college-ready students like you and automatically offer you admission. That's right - as a Sage Scholar you don't need to apply to NewU – you are already admitted! This is called "Flipped Admission" (or "Direct Admission"), and it is the future of college admission. Why should you tweak the same application for each college? We made college affordable and stress-free from application to graduation.

Modern urban campus in the heart of Washington, DC right next to The White House. Internship and job opportunities in government, nonprofit, multinational organizations, and the private sector. Free museums, great public transportation, parks, bike lanes, and a happening cultural and social scene.

Future-proof majors designed in the last year or two. Faculty from Cal State, Columbia, UMD, Georgetown.

On average, students pay just $6,500 per year for tuition, fees, and books after scholarships. Scholarships available for all students. Scholarship decisions in 24 hours or less.

Classes only Monday – Thursday from 10 am – 3 pm. Grade non-disclosure policy. Small campus and class sizes with unsurpassed access to faculty, student services, and support.

To learn more on how to save an entire year of time and money on college and get a degree without breaking the bank, visit our website at

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