Welcoming St. John's College: A Revered Institution Embracing the Power of Liberal Arts

By SAGE Scholars — August 9, 2023

SAGE Scholars is delighted to announce the addition of St. John's College to its esteemed consortium of private colleges and universities. With a rich history and an unwavering commitment to liberal arts education, St. John's College brings a unique offering to students seeking to explore the depths of knowledge and cultivate critical thinking skills. As a top-ranked Liberal Arts College, St. John’s is renowned for its rigorous programs and its ability to prepare students for advanced studies, where 70% of undergraduate students go on to graduate advanced degrees.

With campuses in Annapolis, Maryland, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, St. John’s College has earned a distinguished reputation as a nationally ranked Liberal Arts College. Founded in 1696, it stands as one of the oldest colleges in the United States. Throughout its long history, St. John's has nurtured the minds of countless scholars and produced graduates who have excelled in various fields. The college's commitment to intellectual inquiry, academic rigor, and fostering a vibrant intellectual community has garnered widespread recognition among educators, employers, and students alike.

A Liberal Arts Focus
At the heart of St. John's College lies its dedication to a rigorous Liberal Arts Education. The college believes in the transformative power of a broad-based education that encompasses all aspects of human knowledge. Through its distinctive Great Books curriculum, St. John's students engage in close readings and discussions of classic works from ancient to modern times. This interdisciplinary approach exposes students to diverse perspectives, enabling them to develop critical thinking, effective communication, and analytical skills of which prepare students for esteemed career pathways and trajectories.

The liberal arts philosophy at St. John's College prepares graduates to succeed in a rapidly changing world, where adaptability and a broad intellectual foundation are paramount. At its core, St. John’s champions small class sizes that foster an intimate learning environment, promoting active participation and collaboration among students and faculty. Ranked third in the nation for student-to-faculty ratio, St. John’s students endeavor in courses that place an emphasis on dialogue and engagement — encouraging students to refine their ability to articulate and defend their ideas, cultivating a deep understanding of complex concepts. Such skill sets especially prepare St. John’s students to study law. For over twenty-five years, St. John’s students have supported a 100% acceptance rate into law school, where, on average, twenty percent of the senior class attends law school.

Ph.D. Program Preparation:
Alongside its success of students’ admission to law school, St. John's College has a long-standing tradition of preparing students for advanced studies, including Ph.D. programs. Among all Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States, St. John’s produces the most Ph.D.’s in Humanities. Such success is fostered through the college's rigorous curriculum. Combined with the intensive seminar-style classes, St. John’s provides students with the necessary skills to excel in graduate-level research and analysis. Graduates are often sought after by prestigious graduate schools due to their ability to think critically, pursue independent research, and engage in intellectual discourse.

The close mentorship and guidance provided by the faculty at St. John's College are instrumental in fostering student success. Professors have a genuine commitment to their students' academic growth and offer individualized attention and support. This personalized approach ensures that students receive the guidance they need to pursue their scholarly passions and navigate the complex landscape of higher education.

SAGE Scholars Inc. is thrilled to welcome St. John's College to its esteemed network of member institutions. With its renowned reputation, unwavering commitment to liberal arts education, and dedication to preparing students for Ph.D. programs, St. John's College presents a unique and invaluable opportunity for students seeking a transformative educational experience. By embracing the power of liberal arts, St. John's College equips graduates with the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving world, making it an exceptional addition to our network of esteemed institutions.

St. John's College

St. John’s distinctive liberal arts curriculum and educational practices have long given it a highly respected place among American colleges and universities. Its strong commitment to collaborative inquiry and to the study of original texts makes St. John’s College a particularly vibrant community of learning. Through close engagement with the works of some of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers—from Homer, Plato, and Euclid to Nietzsche, Einstein, and Woolf—undergraduate and graduate students at St. John’s College grapple with fundamental questions that confront us as human beings. As they participate in lively discussions and throw themselves into the activity of translating, writing, demonstrating, conducting experiments, and analyzing musical compositions, St. John’s students learn to speak articulately, read attentively, reason effectively, and think creatively.
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