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By: SAGE Scholars — October 1, 2021
Learn about financial aid, need vs. non-need aid, packaging, scholarships vs. loans vs. work-study, gapping and more in our easy to read guide.
By: SAGE Scholars — April 2, 2022
What are the biggest factors in making a great impression? In this article we break down some of the key elements admissions officers look for.
By: James Johnston, Ed.D. — June 18, 2022
The title “college” or “university” does not imply quality differences. Amherst, Haverford, Pomona, and Swarthmore are among the very best undergraduate programs, but none offer graduate degrees. Harvard College is the undergraduate component of Harvard University.
By: SAGE Scholars — January 1, 2022
What’s the formula for hitting the jackpot when it comes to merit aid?
By: SAGE Scholars — March 1, 2022
Don’t let the list price of tuition scare you away from considering a private college education—it may actually end up costing less than a state school. 64% of students at a private college graduate in 4 years vs. 37% at public universities, saving a lot of time and money.
By: SAGE Scholars — May 1, 2022
Colleges have a “list price” of tuition. Don’t let this scare you away from considering a private college education. Not only is the “list price” unlikely to be the price that you actually pay. In fact, a private college may cost less than a state school.
By: SAGE Scholars — October 15, 2021
In this Ten Minute Professor we break down what Merit Aid is and how it is used to attract the best applicants.
By: SAGE Scholars — November 24, 2021
Your decisions now will impact your future finances. To help, we have put together our top 5 ways to save for college so that your family is prepared for the future investment.
By: SAGE Scholars — December 5, 2021
A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future educational costs. 529 plans, legally known as qualified tuition plans, are authorized by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. Withdrawals used for qualified educational expenses are tax free and can be used at any accredited college or university for full-time undergraduate and graduate students.
By: SAGE Scholars — January 1, 2022
“7 years of college down the drain!” Years ago, viewers laughed at the thought of 7 years of college, but it’s not quite so funny now. 5 years of undergraduate study is now common. A 5th year is less likely at a private college (64% of students at a private college graduate in 4 years vs. 37% at public universities).
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