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By: SAGE Scholars — October 1, 2021
Learn about financial aid, need vs. non-need aid, packaging, scholarships vs. loans vs. work-study, gapping and more in our easy to read guide.
By: SAGE Scholars — January 1, 2022
What’s the formula for hitting the jackpot when it comes to merit aid?
By: SAGE Scholars — March 2, 2022
To know how to best pay for a college education, families need to know three numbers: The total annual Cost of Attendance, Financial Aid, and the Expected Family Contribution. In this article you can learn how to calculate these numbers and plan for the future.
By: James Johnston, Ed.D. — June 20, 2022
A reasonable person would assume that the cost of an undergraduate education would be easy to calculate. Unfortunately, calculating the "True Cost" is complicated.
By: SAGE Scholars — February 2, 2022
With the help of SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards and the FAFSA, your college education can become significantly more affordable.