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High School Students
The Ultimate College Visit Question Guide

Campus Life: What fraternities/sororities are there if any? What clubs are active on campus? What work-study options are available? What do students do for fun?…

College Admissions
Make the Most Out of Your Virtual College Visit

Structure Visits to Cover the Basics & Your Interests Typical college visits include a campus tour, an information session, and sometimes an interview with an admission counselor.

College Life
Getting the Most from a College Visit

Planning for a Visit College visits require some planning.

College Life
During Your College Visit, Ask These Questions

Once your choices are narrowed, the important process of the campus visits begins. Here are some questions you should consider during your visit: Ask specifically about a college’s retention rate.

Athletics & Extracurriculars
12th Grade College Preparation Timeline

With students returning to classes, you’ll get a sense of what the campus looks and feels like with its students.

College Life
What to Look for in a College Tour

Size of campus Notice the size of the campus and student body (which you may want to research ahead of time). How long does it take to get from one end of the campus to the other?…

Financial Aid
A Private College May Cost Less Than You Think

…sectors of higher education, Hardwick Day found that private college graduates nearly always recalled one or more mentors from their undergraduate years—most often a professor but sometimes others in the campus

High School Students
Don't Overrate Rankings When School Shopping

When researching or visiting universities, there are hundreds of different ways to evaluate the university, and finding the best fit can be difficult. This article will evaluate rankings and their large effect on students' impressions of a university.

College Admissions
How to Apply to College

The college application process is a meaningful journey that encourages you to reflect on yourself and your interests. The steps provided in this article will guide you through the application process.

High School Students
Finding the College Fit: First Generation Students

Campus Culture and Community As a first-generation student, you may find that you feel out of place or disconnected from the campus community.

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