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By: SAGE Scholars — May 4, 2021
Unsure about how Deferred Admission relates to Early Decision? How about the differences between FAFSA, CSS and EFC? Check out our easy to understand College Admission Glossary so you and your family can be prepared for the college application process.
By: SAGE Scholars — January 1, 2022
As you search for your perfect college, keep in mind that sticker price is not where you should begin. After all, the least expensive education today may wind up costing you in future opportunities. Here are some tips to help pay for the cost of education at the school of your choice.
By: SAGE Scholars — February 16, 2021
With summer break fast approaching, it’s important to remember that summers are important times to build your college admissions portfolio. Though students must prioritize decompression, mental wellness, and enjoying time with their communities, summer can also serve to explore more in-depth projects, and passions that interest and excite students.
By: Ceanna Hayes Daniels — August 30, 2022
Over your years at college, you’ll grow more confident at navigating office hours on your own; until then, here are some tips to help you get started.
By: James Johnston, Ed.D. — June 20, 2022
A reasonable person would assume that the cost of an undergraduate education would be easy to calculate. Unfortunately, calculating the "True Cost" is complicated.
By: Xavier Royer — September 1, 2022
This article will offer four uses for those odd time windows that can help manage time and reduce stress.
By: Carter Thompson — August 29, 2022
Winning each day's battle is vital to your success since you can only control what you're doing in the present moment. When you have hope in the future, you have power and purpose in the present. Maintaining positivity, hope for your future, and cultivating lasting relationships is vital for your thriving in life.
By: SAGE Scholars — May 1, 2022
For students and parents wondering how to begin preparing for college, it’s never too early! At SAGE Scholars, we believe that early college planning can help you maximize your investment and ease the stress of college admissions. That’s why we’re here to help! For rising ninth-graders, the next four years can help prepare your application. While that is a lot of time, it will go by quickly, and it’s important not to miss critical steps along the way.
By: SAGE Scholars — May 1, 2022
For ninth and tenth graders, preparing more intentionally in the early half of your high school education can help alleviate stress in the future and increase your chances of admission to your top choice school. Below, we're offering some helpful tips and tricks to ensure you don't miss any necessary steps when preparing for college.
By: SAGE Scholars — June 2, 2022
In the world of college preparation, eleventh grade is a pivotal year. Below, we're offering some helpful tips and tricks to ensure you don’t miss any necessary steps during this pivotal year in the college preparation process.
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