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College Life
Securing the Nation, Yourself, and the Bag: National Security and Entrepreneurship Part III

College to Career, Career Building, Career Readiness, Career Resources, From the Professor, Career Mentorship, Resume Building, Networking, Community Building, Government Jobs, Job Qualifications, Career…

College Life
Fashioning a Professional Wardrobe in College

This article provides the necessary steps to building your professional wardrobe while you are in college.

College Life
The Cruciality of College Freshman Building Strong Student-Advisor Relationships

Maximizing Opportunitiest College life offers a myriad of opportunities beyond the classroom - clubs, organizations, study abroad programs, community service initiatives, and more.

College Life
Transformational Leadership in Colleges

They know that we are only strong if we are strong together, so everyone must be built up as a school community.

College Life
The Most Important Tips for Decorating Your Dorm Room

Community-building is a slow process, but opening your space to meaningful gatherings is a great way to start.

College Life
Don't Waste Your College Tuition: Jerome Harper on a Future in Finance Part IV.

J: Also, I've said to myself "Jerome, you have to help your community build businesses." That comes with a certain literacy education behind financial management and building business.

College Life
College Applications: How to Decide Where to Apply

Community. College is a time for reflecting on who you are and building friendships that can last a lifetime.

College Life
Disorientation Week Pt. 2

This knowledge and preventative exposure to life-saving measures through workshops and training is a key part of building a campus culture of community safety.

College Life
Pros and Cons of Being an RA

Sometimes RAs are the labor force for the building if the college is closing the residence buildings for breaks.

Athletics & Extracurriculars
Welcome Back: Campus Leadership Qualities

…if not on the first evening, coordinating a group meal in the closest dining hall can be an excellent way for peers in the same dorm to share experiences around their first days of classes and support building

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