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By: Paul Merimee — November 4, 2022
Throughout your college experience, you will likely have many opportunities to debate, discuss, defend, or attack various positions. Embrace these opportunities and use them to widen your intellectual horizons, deepen your knowledge, and test yourself. It is important to recognize the fundamentals of good dialogue and understand why it is a helpful tool in school.
By: Norrell Edwards — November 30, 2022
How can you effectively handle student-teacher conflict? College is an important time for you to learn how to advocate for yourself.
By: Justina Thompson — December 12, 2022
During the holiday season, everyone is thinking about food! Food can hold so many happy memories and family connections, but it can also be a challenging topic to discuss for those navigating complex relationships with food.
By: Samantha Bockoven — December 12, 2022
The last month of the year is full of big holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, which bring families together to celebrate their faith and culture. Throughout these weeks are also plenty of other important and fun observances that make December a truly special month.
By: Britney Cox — December 16, 2022
This article will help guide you through some common lingo you will hear in college.
By: Xavier Royer — December 16, 2022
This article will provide students with some questions to ask to facilitate a productive conversation with their advisor.
By: Samantha Bockoven — December 19, 2022
Although Christmas celebrations across cultures include many similar traditions, it is interesting to see what cultures do differently.
By: Paul Merimee — January 18, 2023
In this article, I will break down each subject and advise when you should take the classes concerning the MCAT.
By: Kaitlin Meyer — February 21, 2023
What exactly is inflation and how does it affect the economy and your finances? This article breaks down the basics of inflation.
By: Mari Whitmore — March 21, 2023
While taxes can be complex and overwhelming, many resources are available to help you figure out everything you need to file your tax return correctly.
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