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Financial Aid
What is the FAFSA?

With the help of SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards and the FAFSA, your college education can become significantly more affordable.

Financial Aid
The Five Common Myths: FAFSA

In this article, we dispel some of the most common myths about FAFSA.

Financial Aid
The FAFSA Form & CSS Profile

We have put together helpful guidelines and tips on filing your FAFSA form and completing your CSS Profile.

Financial Aid
What you need to know about the new FAFSA

Discover the updates in the 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that will benefit students, families, and counselors.

It’s Never Too Early
What is the Student Aid Index?

New or returning FAFSA applicants may see some new terminology as they revisit the online federal student loan process this year.

College Admissions
My Mom's Financial Aid Tips

Don't put off the FAFSA. The FAFSA opens on October 1st of every year. Deadlines vary by state, so be sure to check which deadline applies to you.

College Life
Advocating for Your Financial Benefit in Three Situations

First, understand that FAFSA benefits are based on the pre vious two years' income.

Athletics & Extracurriculars
Benefits of the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS)

Click here to learn more about filling out the FAFSA.

Financial Aid
President Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness

You may want to explore other loan forgiveness options in your FAFSA account. For example, if you work in public service, there are additional options to explore with your loan servicer.