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By: Mackenzie Roberts — November 9, 2022
In this article, Mackenzie Roberts defines what a resume is and provides tips for creating one that will leave a lasting impression.
By: Mackenzie Roberts — November 21, 2022
From your first day of college until the day you graduate, you will be juggling many different things. This article will teach you how to save yourself from wasted time and unnecessary stress!
By: Norrell Edwards — December 5, 2022
This article will teach you how to firmly say NO when a class, committee, job, or whatever else does not benefit you.
By: Luke Stellick — January 17, 2023
This article discusses why you should have a daily game plan, and how it is different from simply having a schedule.
By: Britney Cox — December 7, 2022
This article outlines the benefits that come with journaling and decorating your planner.