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Athletics & Extracurriculars
12th Grade College Preparation Timeline

Send Mid-Year Grade Reports Sending your mid-year grade reports strengthens your college application—especially if you’re taking AP’s and preforming well.

College Admissions
Advice If You Land on the Waitlist

When you apply for colleges, you usually have a pretty good idea of how to respond to a college letter of acceptance or rejection. However, you may find out that your application is "waitlisted." What does that mean for your college plan? Should you be concerned?

College Life
How to Email Your Professor

To minimize your stress in emailing professors, follow these general rules.

College Life
Office Hours: A Crash Course

Over your years at college, you'll grow more confident at navigating office hours on your own; until then, here are some tips to help you get started.

College Life
Interacting with Instructors

This article will provide some quick ground rules for interacting with instructors and other faculty

General Info
What is a Private College?

The title "college" or "university" does not imply quality differences. Amherst, Haverford, Pomona, and Swarthmore are among the very best undergraduate programs, but none offer graduate degrees. Harvard College is the undergraduate component of Harvard University.

Athletics & Extracurriculars
Study Abroad with a SAGE Scholars Partner Institution

Are you thinking about studying abroad as part of your college experience? Maybe you're excited about new cultural experiences or looking for ways to strengthen your resume. From language immersions to service-learning trips, SAGE Scholars partner institutions offer many ways to get off campus.

College Life
A 5th Year of College Is Expensive!

"7 years of college down the drain!" Years ago, viewers laughed at the thought of 7 years of college, but it's not quite so funny now. 5 years of undergraduate study is now common. A 5th year is less likely at a private college (64% of students at a private college graduate in 4 years vs. 37% at public universities).

Financial Aid
College Funding: 5 Ways to Save For College

Your decisions now will impact your future finances. To help, we have put together our top 5 ways to save for college so that your family is prepared for the future investment.

College Life
During Your College Visit, Ask These Questions

We have put together some key questions to consider during your college visit.

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