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By: Paul Merimee — November 21, 2022
Managing finances in college can be challenging. This article is here to ease that stress and give you a few helpful tips to maximize your savings in college.
By: Jessica Dickenson — October 26, 2022
College is the first time in many students' lives that they are independent of their parents. Becoming an independent student is not for everyone, but educating yourself on the differences and the qualifications could benefit you as you begin your educational journey!
By: Ryan Adams — February 6, 2023
Credit cards can be used to your detriment, but if you are a good financial steward, they are an excellent tool for building your financial foundation.
By: Kameron Sims — February 6, 2023
You are allowed to spend your refund check in whatever manner that you want to; just keep in mind the options that will keep you in a comfortable place.
By: Kaitlin Meyer — April 26, 2023
This article outlines the main types of investment accounts. Put some thought into what your investment goals are and choose the best account for your purposes. Happy investing!