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College Life
Wellness Tips for Students

Four tips to help students manage stress during the upcoming school year. Students everywhere are under a lot of pressure.

College Admissions
College Essay Application Tips

Below, you'll discover some helpful essay writing tips that can separate your application from the rest of the pack!…

College Life
Tips and Tricks for Effective Studying

It can be a combination of these tips and tricks, or you may even find other tips to help you.

College Life
Top 5 Back to School Tips

Below are our SAGE Scholars 5 Back to School Tips for a successful school year. Please read, internalize, and share with us your thoughts on our advice (we would love to hear from you).

College Admissions
Tips For Creating A College Admission Video Portfolio

Below, you’ll find some helpful tips to help you create a high-quality video portfolio that doesn’t require you to be a skilled blogger or content creator.

College Life
7 Tips to Make the Most of Your College Library

It’s not just you—“library anxiety” is a real phenomenon. Many students find the size, atmosphere, or complexity of their university library to be intimidating. Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of hefty tomes and experienced peers busily working on advanced projects, it can be easy to feel that your own research skills are inadequate. With the growing prevalence of online resources, some students might be tempted to never enter the library at all.

College Life
Networking With Professors As An Incoming Freshman

We have put together four tips for creating and sustaining a community that can help you succeed.

College Life
You Failed! Now What?

This article provides some tips for moving on from a failed paper and getting back on track.

Athletics & Extracurriculars
Picking the Club That's Right for You!

We have put together four tips to help you figure out how to maximize your time while setting yourself up for an eye-catching college application.

College Life
The Art of the All-Nighter

If you are one of these students who must stay up all night, here are some tips and tricks to help you do so safely and be reasonably awake the next day.

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