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By: SAGE Scholars — April 5, 2022
Wondering how to maximize your college degree? We have put together four tips for creating and sustaining a community that can help you succeed.
By: SAGE Scholars — June 7, 2022
Students everywhere are under a lot of pressure. So it's important to take time to mentally prepare for the stresses of school. Remember, you can succeed academically without sapping your mental health.
By: SAGE Scholars — June 7, 2022
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There are certain habits that the smart students have and one of them is that they keep track of the grade every quiz, paper, test they get. In high school I watched my best friend write down every grade she got in her student planner. I asked her why and she said that she liked knowing how she was doing in school and what she would have to get on an upcoming test to keep up her grades. Soon I started doing it too. It made life easier in the long run because I knew how I was doing and if I slipped up on a quiz or a test and I knew exactly what I needed to get on the next one to turn around my grade. It sounds slightly obvious, but having a target in sight made it easier to hit it.
By: Patricia Roy — July 11, 2022
As a freshman, you want to do it all: learn new things, meet new people, and expand your horizons. Until now, your daily habits have been largely shaped by your parents and your school. Now, you have the opportunity to try something new.
By: Britney Cox — August 31, 2022
When going into college, you'll have to prepare for all the questions family and friends may ask for the next four years.
By: Connor Daniels — August 30, 2022
The good news is that burnout is not inevitable or insurmountable. Students can prevent and overcome burnout by being more mindful of physical, mental, and social needs, even in a challenging academic environment. Here’s a brief checklist to set you on the right track.
By: Connor Daniels — August 16, 2022
It’s not just you—“library anxiety” is a real phenomenon. Many students find the size, atmosphere, or complexity of their university library to be intimidating. Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of hefty tomes and experienced peers busily working on advanced projects, it can be easy to feel that your own research skills are inadequate. With the growing prevalence of online resources, some students might be tempted to never enter the library at all.
By: SAGE Scholars — January 2, 2022
With early application and regular decision deadlines fast approaching, students may feel overwhelmed with the task of writing their essays. At SAGE Scholars, we're here to help prepare the next generation of prospective students for success. During this critical time in students' lives, college essays will be among the essential facets of their applications. Though high stakes, this aspect of the application is also open to the most creativity and personalization. Essays are a chance for students to explain their passions and dreams—while also exploring what makes them who they are. Below, you'll discover some helpful essay writing tips that can separate your application from the rest of the pack!
By: Sharon Callender — August 26, 2022
Starting anything new can be an exciting and challenging adventure for anyone. Confidence is the essential tool needed to step into any unknown endeavor courageously. Whether it is a new job, a competition, a presentation, or transitioning from high school to college, confidence is the secret sauce that keeps us focused and able to thrive.
By: Saumya Poddar — September 1, 2022
For many students, the stress and workload of high school can be too much to bear at times. With the weight of numerous rigorous courses, sports, and extracurriculars, it is especially important to find ways to maximize your studying. It's not always practical to be up until 1 or 2 AM trying to cram last minute for an exam or trying to finish assigned homework pages.
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