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College Life
Mental Health Matters: Protect & Destress

Genetics and exposure to traumatic events can also lead to mental illness. It’s important to remember that you do not need a diagnosable mental illness to experience poor mental health.

College Life
Unveiling the Links Between Climate Change and Mental Health Among College Students

Effects of Climate Change on Mental Health Climate change has been shown to have negative effects on mental health, particularly among college students.

College Life
Three Practical Mental Health Tips for Exam Season

Three: Remember that Physical Health Is Key to Mental Health Prioritizing your physical health is the best way to set yourself up for success during exams — not only because it means you're less likely…

College Life
Wellness Tips for Students

Remember, you can succeed academically without sapping your mental health.

College Life
Five Ways to Benefit from Utilizing Campus Counseling Services

Gaining More Knowledge on Mental Health Sometimes with the stigmas surrounding mental health, people do not have as many conversations about it as necessary.

College Life
College Coping: Stress & Burnout

Long-Term Consequences of Burnout Poor mental health directly correlates with burnout. In high-stress times, negative mental health decreases one’s effectiveness and performance.

High School Students
Student Mental Wellness: Springing Into The New Semester

Similarly, the Clay Center also found an impending college mental health crisis.

College Life
Applying for an Emotional Support Animal

Mental health is healthcare.

College Life
Benefits of Spending Time Outside

Mental and Physical Health Several studies have examined the positive effect of spending time outside on mental health (Bélanger et al., 2019).

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