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By: SAGE Scholars — April 5, 2022
Wondering how to maximize your college degree? We have put together four tips for creating and sustaining a community that can help you succeed.
By: Patricia Roy — November 11, 2022
There are many college majors to pick from and it's important to find the right major for you. How do you know you're on the right path?
By: Patricia Roy — November 11, 2022
Don't be limited in your choice of major or career due to ignorance or a lack of information. Here are Ten Jobs You Never Knew Existed!
By: Mackenzie Roberts — November 9, 2022
In this article, Mackenzie Roberts defines what a resume is and provides tips for creating one that will leave a lasting impression.
By: Norrell Edwards — November 28, 2022
Asking for a letter of recommendation can be quite intimidating, especially if you haven't done it before. Here's how to ask for a letter of recommendation.
By: Kaitlin Meyer — December 5, 2022
This article provides the necessary steps to building your professional wardrobe while you are in college.
By: Xavier Royer — December 16, 2022
This article will provide students with some questions to ask to facilitate a productive conversation with their advisor.
By: Al Dickenson — January 4, 2023
Here are some things you will want to accomplish in your last year at college.
By: Mackenzie Roberts — January 6, 2023
This article will provide tips when mapping out your road to law school.
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