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By: Samantha Bockoven — December 9, 2022
Although your college campus may seem far removed from harm, preparing for disasters that can strike your area is essential.
By: Mari Whitmore — January 4, 2023
While the meal options you choose depend on your personal tastes, cooking options, and budget, having a list of ideas to refer to can help you avoid decision fatigue in your busy schedule.
By: Justina Thompson — January 4, 2023
Intention looks different for everyone and works best in a consistent cycle of reflection and application. What does it look like to think about intention and reevaluate what that looks like each time we reach a new threshold in a college career?
By: Jessica Dickenson — January 4, 2023
Moving may not be the most pleasant college experience, but with a little planning, you can have a smooth experience!
By: Mackenzie Roberts — January 6, 2023
This article will provide tips when mapping out your road to law school.
By: Norrell Edwards — January 6, 2023
Presentations are deeply embedded in the professional world. Across fields, a presentation is required to greenlight any large-scale idea. Here's why you should try to present at a professional conference.
By: Norrell Edwards — January 6, 2023
In "Let's Present at a Conference Part I," I talked about finding professional conferences to present at and connecting to faculty mentors. Now let's focus on the "what" of presenting.
By: Ryan Adams — January 6, 2023
Although planning transportation should not be your main focus as a college student, it is important to ensure you know how you will get where you need to go.
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