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By: Britney Cox — July 13, 2022
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While navigating the college experience, one of the more difficult challenges is understanding your study habits and how you learn. It can be easy to assume that your study habits will remain the same as in high school. However, college presents with different challenges that might throw you off about what you understand as studying. The key to effective studying is finding out how you learn and how you can make your learning process a reality. This can be a trial-and-error process as there is no way to know how you study best automatically. There are often several factors when it comes to how you learn: comfort, environment, noise levels, music, and time management.
By: SAGE Scholars — July 17, 2022
This three-part series will guide prospective and incoming college athletes through student-athlete life. Part one of this series spotlights advice from a former Division I All-American about what to consider before arriving on campus. Part two will explore the college recruiting process, and part three features SAGE Scholar member college programs with outstanding athletics success.
By: Xavier Royer — July 19, 2022
Tags: College Life
The first week on campus has a buzz to it that makes it one of the most memorable times of the year for students and educators. Refreshed from summer, faculty, staff, and students alike return to campus with a renewed vigor and tales of a summer hopefully well spent. For incoming freshmen, however, this can be a daunting time.
By: Britney Cox — July 21, 2022
You might get to college and think, “I have this whole essay thing down pat. I did well in high school.” Unfortunately, this is often not the case with many students. Taking advanced placement and honors classes in high school might have taught you the basics, but nothing can prepare you for the scholarly research that every paper requires in college, no matter the major. Every essay will require some format, informed research, and a clear thesis. While paper lengths vary drastically per course and major, humanities courses require a certain amount of content to be deemed sufficient. This article will attempt to walk you through how to write a successful paper for humanities courses. Even if you do not plan to major in something humanities-related, most college students must take humanities courses to fulfill general education requirements.
By: Patricia Roy — July 26, 2022
Tags: College Life
Living during “historic” times isn’t easy. The last two years of Covid-19—a war in Ukraine and a high-profile school shooting in the United States—have taken a toll on everyone, not just students. People everywhere are feeling these tragedies deeply.
By: Jessica Dickenson — August 9, 2022
Finding the right internship while in college can be challenging but worth it. Not only can an internship offer you invaluable career experience while still in school, but it also builds a strong professional foundation and networking opportunities for a future career. These benefits can manifest themselves both in short-term and long-term results.
By: Terrilynn Cantlon — August 10, 2022
Tags: College Life
Every year new students arrive at college. The similarities to high school end right after parents, siblings, mentors, and caretakers leave for home. If the media is to be believed, colleges will be enrolling students in despair. College has become a metaphor for lack of well-being, and many students have tuned out. Social challenges and upheavals aside, college is not high school. College is where you, the student, are put in charge of achieving academic and social results-and for many students, this total control of personal, academic, and social success happens for the first time.
By: Jessica Dickenson — July 11, 2022
As an incoming college freshman, you probably have a lot of preconceived ideas about what college will be like. AP courses, college advising, television, your peers, and the internet probably have given you a good idea of what to expect on your first day of classes. Although all these sources may be a good foundation, here are some common misconceptions about college courses we have debunked.
By: Ceanna Hayes Daniels — August 16, 2022
For many former homeschoolers, the idea of college is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying. As intimidating as it may seem, stepping outside of the comfort zone created by home and family will allow you to grow and flourish in new ways. The path ahead of you may not be clear yet, but it will be filled with unforeseen triumphs and joys that will make that uncertain journey more worthwhile.
By: Patricia Roy — July 11, 2022
As a freshman, you want to do it all: learn new things, meet new people, and expand your horizons. Until now, your daily habits have been largely shaped by your parents and your school. Now, you have the opportunity to try something new.
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