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College Life
Promoting Financial Wellness in College

Seeking Employment This advice on financial wellness might sound fine and dandy, but it is much harder to implement. So, I will advise on how to help achieve financial wellness.

High School Students
Don't Underrate these Criteria when School Shopping

…people who will vehemently disagree with me that this should have any stake in a university decision, but my argument to them would be that they are failing to look at the university experience in a holistic

College Life
Understanding Environmental Justice Pt. 1

A Holistic Focus As the issue has grown to span to have so many branches of negative impact on communities, it will similarly require multiple approaches from different angles to give holistic attention…

College Life
Unveiling the Links Between Climate Change and Mental Health Among College Students

When preparing for climate change, universities may promote resources to support student wellness.

College Life
Creating Good Technology Habits

Further, blue light from device screens is linked to disruption of sleep patterns, which negatively impact cogitative function and overall holistic health.

College Life
Self - Care on a Student Budget : Twelve Practical Ways to Make Life in College Better

Making healthy choices in the dining hall is one of the best ways you can take care of yourself in college, so focus on long-term wellness and on representing key food groups in each meal, rather than…

College Life
The Most Important Tips for Decorating Your Dorm Room

Promote Health and Wellness. If you want to make hitting the gym a regular habit, then keeping your workout gear visible and easily accessible is one of the best changes you can make to your dorm.

College Life
Six Ways College Students Can Incorporate Sustainability into Daily Routines

This article explores six ways college students can incorporate sustainable daily routine practices.

College Life
Student Engagement through Sustainability Convergences: Shifting the Lens

Conferences can be a great way to explore a new topic and be introduced to the contents of its work. This article discusses what sustainability conferences can offer college students.

College Life
Being a Good Roommate to Someone with Mental Illness or Chronic Illness

This article compiles advice from chronically ill, disabled, and mentally ill individuals and applies that advice to the topic of college roommates. To learn more, talk to and learn from disabled people and disability advocates.

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