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By: Mari Whitmore — January 23, 2023
This article will explore some of the perks of thrift shopping and tips for doing it well.
By: Kameron Sims — February 6, 2023
You are allowed to spend your refund check in whatever manner that you want to; just keep in mind the options that will keep you in a comfortable place.
By: Ryan Adams — February 13, 2023
Poor financial habits set a weak foundation for your future because, whether you like it or not, money is integral to survive and thrive. Adopting and adhering to the basic principles listed in this article will create a financial foundation for yourself.
By: Kaitlin Meyer — February 21, 2023
What exactly is inflation and how does it affect the economy and your finances? This article breaks down the basics of inflation.
By: Luke Stellick — February 28, 2023
As college students, being aware of the dangers of finance is critical to starting life on your own.
By: Mari Whitmore — March 23, 2023
Having a great spring break doesn't have to be a costly affair. You can still have a memorable and enjoyable break without damaging your finances by choosing budget-friendly options.
By: Al Dickenson — April 26, 2023
Though it may not be everyone's first choice to go far away for college, international schooling is something people could consider, especially as the economy tightens and more schools close in the United States.
By: Kaitlin Meyer — April 26, 2023
This article outlines the main types of investment accounts. Put some thought into what your investment goals are and choose the best account for your purposes. Happy investing!
By: Xavier Royer — June 20, 2023
Budgeting is incredibly important, and I urge students to make and stick to one. However, there will be moments when going over budget is the correct call.
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