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Start Building Rewards Today!

Welcome to the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards program registration through Southwestern Advantage! As a thank you, all families with an active SWAdvantageOnline membership are eligible to receive up to 3,000 Tuition Rewards points per year.

Please note - Southwestern Advantage is not Southwestern Fundraising (formerly Great American Opportunities). If you're registering in conjunction with a school fundraiser you want to register through Southwestern Fundraising. If your registration is in conjunction with educational books and materials purchases, continue registration below.

Prior to registering, please read these important points about the Tuition Rewards program through Southwestern Advantage.

  • Tuition Rewards is a free program. Questions about purchases or online membership through Southwestern Advantage can only be answered by Southwestern Advantage. 1-888-551-5901 or
  • Tuition Rewards are points, and are not awarded in cash.
  • Tuition Rewards Points represent "guaranteed minimum scholarships" redeemable for discounts off the list price of undergraduate tuition at participating 4-year private colleges & universities. 1 Point = $1.00. Colleges may compare the amount of institutional aid (scholarships and grants provided by the college) offered vs. the number of points redeemed and award the student whichever is greater.
  • Students must be registered in the program prior to June 30th at the end of 11th grade. Certificates must be redeemed for a student prior to August 31st of the year the student begins 12th grade.
  • Rewards must be redeemed (submitted electronically) within ten (10) days of a student's application to any member college(s).