Tuition Rewards by SAGE Scholars

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Welcome to the Silver Rock Risk Solutions Tuition Rewards program. As an employee of NJPURE you will earn 2,000 Tuition Rewards points annually! The registration process is quick and should take you less than a minute to complete. This program is free for all employees.

Your Tuition Rewards points can be used for any children in your immediate or extended family. Each point is equal to a $1.00 guaranteed minimum scholarship at any of our over 430 participating colleges & universities! In 2018, participating high school seniors submitted Tuition Rewards points valued at $85.8 million to member colleges and universities.

Eligible Students
Eligible students are students in your immediate or extended family (including "great, "grand", "step", "adopted" and "god" relations). Students must be enrolled by August 31st of the year that they student begins 12th grade.

Registration Bonus
Upon completion of your registration you will receive a 500 point registration bonus. Each student that you add to Tuition Rewards will also receive his or her own 500 registration bonus points!

Do not enter a student's information on this page. You must register first as the adult who will sponsor students.

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Tuition Rewards® are NOT awarded in cash. Your Tuition Rewards Points represent "guaranteed minimum scholarships" redeemable for discounts off the "list price" of undergraduate tuition at participating 4-year private colleges & universities. 1 Point = $1.00. Points must be submitted at time of application for the freshman year. Participating colleges reserve the right to include Tuition Rewards as part of any financial aid package. Tuition Rewards are limited to a maximum per student of up to one year's tuition, spread evenly over 4 years, or as contractually agreed.