Tuition Rewards by SAGE Scholars

Register Using Your SAGE ID

You must have a valid "SAGE ID" to complete your account registration using this page. Your SAGE ID can be found in the "Welcome" e-mail you received. If you have not received a "Welcome" e-mail that contains a SAGE ID, you may not have been pre-registered for Tuition Rewards, and you cannot complete registration on this page.

If you do not have a SAGE ID start on our main registration page and select your source of Tuition Rewards from there. If you believe you have been pre-registered, or you cannot locate your Welcome e-mail with the SAGE ID, please contact us.

A SAGE ID is typically 3 digits, a '-', and then 3 to 7 digits (i.e. 001-1234567).

First Midwest Bank - if you have an account number that is 6 digits, a 'T' and then 5 digits (i.e. 000099T12345), this is not a SAGE ID.   Click here to register through First Midwest Bank.

SAGE ID can be found in the welcome e-mail you received
Must match the ZIP code that the account is registered in
A valid e-mail address is required to access your account