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February 24, 2015

MacMurray College Joins Tuition Rewards

MacMurray College, preparing students for professional careers in growing fields, has become the 24th Illinois member of the SAGE Scholars Private College & University Enrollment Consortium. Nearly 600 undergraduates attend the Jacksonville, IL school, which becomes the 41st Methodist-affiliated Tuition Rewards member college.

Founded in 1846, MacMurray offers professional preparation anchored by its foundation sequence of courses, helping prepare graduates to enter the workforce ready to analyze information, confidently discuss options and help solve challenges. During the past several years of a difficult economy, more than 90 percent of MacMurray graduates were either accepted to graduate school or employed full-time within a year of graduation.

The small class sizes and the engaged professors mean that students soon know each other by name -and the faculty knows them. According to a national survey of nearly 365,000 college students at more than 600 institutions, MacMurray seniors reported they have a more supportive campus environment, more interaction with faculty in and out of class, and more involvement in community and service learning than seniors at similar colleges in the Midwest and nationally.

With a comprehensive aid package - 98% of MacMurray students receive scholarships or grants - MacMurray is among the most affordable private colleges in Illinois.

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