Cornish College of the Arts

1000 Lenora Street - Seattle, WA 98121
  • Region: West Coast
  • Campus Setting: City
  • Size: Very Small

Cornish College of the Arts, residing in the heart of Seattle, is committed to empowering the next generation of artists, citizens, and innovators. Offering BFA and BM degrees in both the visual and performing arts, Cornish is a creative hub, a community of makers, and a platform for emerging talent.

We offer a safe, supportive, and inclusive space to explore your artistic education. Our faculty, staff, alumni, and students are entrenched in the vibrant local community of arts and culture. Our faculty are world-class professional artists. They are not only teachers; because they are also working artists, they are exceptional mentors. They can help our students bridge a career from a student to a fully-engaged working artist.

Founded in 1914, Cornish puts our students at the center of a city offering a vibrant professional community for practicing artists. As a cultural crossroads with a progressive personality, the greater Seattle area is home to tech giants and an ever-rising skyline against the backdrop of natural wonders like Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park.

Like Cornish, Seattle is a place where inclusivity and sustainability aren't just buzzwords; they're the foundations upon which our city and College thrive.

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About Cornish College of the Arts

With its rich history, Cornish is surrounded by dozens of theaters, museums, music venues, and galleries; as well as iconic Seattle landmarks. The Cornish of today is a lab for creativity and transformation, where talented students are empowered to become artists, citizens, and innovators.

Mission Statement

The mission of Cornish College of the Arts is to provide students aspiring to become practicing artists with an educational program of the highest possible quality, in an environment that nurtures creativity and intellectual curiosity, while preparing them to contribute to society as artists, citizens, and innovators.