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Differentiate yourself from the competition by providing account holders and clients with Tuition Rewards!

SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards program is a college savings and investment plan like no other! Families can earn Tuition Rewards on banking products, retirement plans, cash value insurance and annuities, brokerage and investment products, and certain health insurance products.

Tuition Rewards will help you attract new clients — and help retain existing clients. By being part of SAGE Scholars you are able to give your clients, members and account holder Tuition Rewards Points on their qualified assets and products. These guaranteed scholarships will help to differentiate you from your competition and leverage your products and services.

Tuition Rewards Points accrue like frequent flyer miles. Each point is equal to $1.00 in discounts and represents the minimum scholarship that a sponsored student will receive if he or she attends a participating college.

“SAGE Scholars is there to help me pursue my future goals…”

“The SAGE Scholars program has meant a lot to me for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my parents were always very excited to see how my SAGE Scholars account was growing. I am the oldest of six children in my family. Knowing that SAGE Scholars is there to help me pursue my future goals has definitely helped ease some of my family’s financial burden”

Michael S., Jamison, PA

Advantages for Financial Institutions

  • Differentiate you from the competition. Be unique in a commodity-product world.
  • Reward & retain your best clients. One of our bank partners found that Tuition Rewards attracted account-holders with triple the typical assets at the bank.
  • Attract more dollars from existing clients (because the greater the investment, the greater the Tuition Reward points). A survey showed that an overwhelming number of SAGE account holders would increase deposits and investments to earn more Tuition Rewards. At participating 529 Plans, investors who 'opt in' to Tuition Rewards have 26%-to-42% higher account balances.
  • Help parents save for college. The Tuition Rewards Program helps direct the conversation to 'big goals'.
  • Help grandparents wishing to leave a legacy to grandchildren.

“Private colleges a possibility for hard-working, middle-class families…”

“SAGE Scholars was founded to make competitive private colleges a possibility for hard-working, middle-class families; I feel strongly that good education leads to social mobility, and brings skilled, outstandingly-educated people back to enrich their home communities, creating a rising tide for everyone.”

Audrey M., Milton, MA

More Advantages for Financial Institutions

  • Attract prospects to seminars. Partners can offer a Tuition Reward bonus for attending an event, as a reward for a referral, or to make an appointment for a financial review.
  • Help open doors for presentations to schools, associations, employers and others.
  • Allow representatives or agents to be a trusted advisor, able to offer unique articles on college admissions and funding, written by experts, which make the college selection process more successful - and less stressful.
  • No Investment Liability - Tuition Rewards are not SEC investments. They are scholarships (discounts off full tuition) given by participating colleges. The program has passed compliance scrutiny from 2 state treasury departments, insurance companies, banks, mutual fund companies, etc.
  • Minimal Work for Partners - SAGE is a paperless process. Other than creating and distributing marketing materials & transmitting information (with your clients' approval), SAGE does all the work. Tracking, maintaining, reporting to colleges, answering participants' questions - those are our responsibilities.
  • Specific assets used for Tuition Reward calculations do not have to be used to pay for college (except for assets in a 529 Plan).

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