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SAGE Scholars is the nation's oldest and largest private college preparation and funding organization. For over a quarter of a century we have been marketing the unique benefits of quality, private education to millions of families across the United States. Our goal is to bridge the gap between our member colleges and families who believe they may not be able to afford a private college - all at no cost to the student, family or college.

At SAGE Scholars, we believe deeply in the value of private higher education. The Tuition Rewards program is a unique private college marketing and enrollment service that provides a vehicle for member colleges and universities to reach a large exclusive pool of potential students and their families. Our member colleges & universities are able to identify prospective students from families who have signed up for the Tuition Rewards Program.

SAGE Scholars Member College & University Benefits

  • SAGE Scholars Student Database - Member colleges and universities receive unlimited access to the SAGE Scholars database of students once they reach 9th grade.
  • We feature and promote member colleges and universities through the SAGE Scholars websites, which receive millions of views per year. Member college and university profiles feature a logo, photos of campus and student life, summary and mission of college, contact information, web links, and social media links. Along with featured social media promotions and targeted emails to our users.

The Tuition Rewards program is unparalleled in that we engage with families early on and encourage them to learn about the distinct advantages of private higher education. We emphasize that it's never too early to begin to prepare and plan for college.

The goals of our Tuition Rewards program are to...

  • Motivate and encourage families to learn, plan and save for college as early as possible
  • Assist participating families and students with college readiness
  • Send participating high school seniors to our member colleges and universities

What is Tuition Rewards?

Tuition Rewards enables a direct, two-way communication channel between our member colleges and students who have expressed an interest in one or more prospective colleges. At the time of a student's application, he or she submits a detailed student profile, along with the accumulated amount of Tuition Rewards Points earned directly through our website to your designated contacts.

“SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards has been very beneficial to our family. My son only applied to participating schools. The Tuition Rewards my son earned allowed him to attend the school of this choice, which would have been financially difficult otherwise. This is a great program!”

Beth-Anne H., Coatsville, PA

There is no fee or charge when a student applies through our program! Colleges never write a check to SAGE Scholars.

How Tuition Rewards Works

Tuition Rewards is a unique rewards program, offered by employers, health insurers, financial institutions and non-profits, to provide guaranteed tuition discounts for their children’s or grand children’s college tuition.

Each Tuition Rewards Point represents a guaranteed minimum discount equivalent to one dollar, with a maximum discount of up to one year’s tuition, spread equally over 4 years of full-time undergraduate education. The number of points earned determine the minimum, guaranteed tuition discount students can receive at any SAGE Scholars member college and university. Students may receive more — but cannot receive less. Tuition Rewards Points are used when students attend participating colleges or universities. Tuition Rewards statements must be submitted electronically to member schools within 10 days of submitting college applications, and students must be enrolled in the program by the end of high school junior year to be eligible.

“The SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program influenced my college choice in a multitude of ways. The most immediate way was financially. The cost of college was always a major factor in determining where I could go. After all, I had read many stories and talked to many people struggling with college debt. This was something I wanted to avoid, and SAGE Scholars provided a way to lessen the burden of student debt. SAGE Scholars offered many great schools on its list that would have been too costly, but because of the Tuition Rewards Program it made them affordable for me. Thus, choosing between a SAGE Scholars school and one that was not a SAGE Scholars school was obvious.”

Mark, Cathedral City, CA

Recruiting Advantages for Member Colleges

  • Search our student database — Member colleges and universities have unlimited, free access to our database of students from 9th grade on. Member colleges can target prospective students on numerous criteria such as location by ZIP code or state, as well as intended areas of academic interest.
  • Depth and quality of data — Many students have detailed profile information such as e-mail address, GPA, ACT/SAT scores, activities, majors of interest, varsity sport of interest, ethnicity and the relative importance of attending a college affiliated with a religious denomination.
  • Preformatted student data — Easily download data-sets right into your CRM of students in Excel and CSV formats. Choose all students, only students with email addresses, or subsets based on intended majors.
  • Save money on list rentals — Download our names; then, if they match with names rented from outside list suppliers, typically you’re not obligated to pay for duplicates. By doing this, one member college has saved as much as $1,200 on list rental fees on a single mailing.
  • Expand your marketing & public relations — SAGE Scholars uniquely markets its member colleges and universities to families through financial partners and their distributors, employers, associations, unions and non-profit organizations. Provide a profile, photo gallery, news & scholarships to display (at no charge) to students, families & financial professionals. We will market your college through our Market Cap & Gown website and monthly e-newsletter. You can post news about your college and about your recruiting events on our website.
  • Do the right thing — Schools that work with SAGE realize that to remain affordable, families need to be encouraged to save and plan for the cost of an education. Being affiliated with the Tuition Rewards Program is a way to do just this!

“I love how my daughter can update her academic information and earn points…”

“My experience with SAGE Scholars has been wonderful! Signing up was quick and painless and the website is easy to navigate. I love how my daughter can update her academic information and earn points. The list of schools that participate in the program is very impressive.”

Cheryl P., Schuykill Haven, PA

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