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Differentiate yourself from the competition by providing account holders and clients with Tuition Rewards!

SAGE Scholars, a distinguished leader in private college planning and funding, offers a unique opportunity for individual financial planners, small financial offices, and life and annuity sales representatives. As the nation’s most established and reputable organization in this field, we enable families to accumulate Tuition Rewards through the financial instruments and assets you manage. This program extends beyond traditional asset management, allowing families to earn rewards through cash value insurance and annuity products offered by you. Partner with SAGE Scholars to provide added value to your financial services and support families in their educational aspirations.

Integrating Tuition Rewards into your service offerings not only sets you apart from competitors but also serves as a powerful tool for attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. As a SAGE Scholars partner, you gain the exclusive ability to award your clients, members, and account holders with Tuition Rewards Points on their qualified assets and products. These guaranteed scholarships are more than just a benefit ‐ they are a testament to your commitment to adding exceptional value to your clients’ financial and educational goals. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your services and build stronger, lasting client relationships.

Plans are available for industry professionals who specialize in managing client assets, as well as those that specialize in insurance products for their clients. If you offer both services to your clients, you can add both modules to your subscription at a discounted price.

Tuition Rewards Points accrue like frequent flyer miles. Each point is equal to $1.00 in discounts and represents the minimum scholarship that a sponsored student will receive if he or she attends a participating college.

This program helps to level the playing field…

The SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards program can help students to choose a school based on the best fit rather than cost. This program helps to level the playing field and provides the opportunity for students to attend schools that may otherwise be unaffordable.

— Nicholas V., New Castle, PA

Advantages for Financial and Insurance Professionals

  • Create Distinction in a Competitive Market: By offering Tuition Rewards, you position yourself uniquely, providing a service that sets you apart in a world of commodity products.
  • Enhance Client Loyalty and Retention: Our program is proven to be an effective tool for rewarding and retaining top clients. One of our bank partners reported attracting account-holders with triple the average assets, thanks to the appeal of Tuition Rewards.
  • Increase Client Investment: There’s a direct correlation between investment size and Tuition Reward points. Our surveys indicate that a significant majority of SAGE account holders are willing to increase their deposits and investments to earn more Tuition Rewards. In fact, at participating 529 Plans, investors who opt into Tuition Rewards have 26%-to-42% higher account balances.
  • Facilitate College Savings Conversations: The Tuition Rewards Program shifts financial discussions towards significant long-term goals like saving for college, enabling you to provide holistic financial solutions to parents.
  • Support Grandparents in Legacy Planning: Our program also resonates with grandparents who wish to leave a meaningful legacy for their grandchildren, adding another layer of service and depth to your client relationships.

Private colleges a possibility for hard-working, middle-class families…

SAGE Scholars was founded to make competitive private colleges a possibility for hard-working, middle-class families; I feel strongly that good education leads to social mobility, and brings skilled, outstandingly-educated people back to enrich their home communities, creating a rising tide for everyone.

— Audrey M., Milton, MA

More Advantages for Partnership

  • Enhanced Seminar Attraction — Utilize Tuition Rewards as an incentive for prospects to attend seminars. Offer these rewards for various engagement activities such as attending an event, providing a referral, or scheduling a financial review.
  • New Opportunities for Presentations— Our program can help open doors for presentations to various organizations such as schools, associations, and employers. This expands your reach and builds new connections.
  • Position as a Trusted Advisor— With access to expert-written articles on college admissions and funding, your representatives or agents can offer invaluable insights to clients. This not only aids clients in the college selection process but also establishes your team as trusted advisors.
  • No Investment Liability— Tuition Rewards are not regulated as SEC investments but are scholarships provided by participating colleges. This program has undergone and passed compliance scrutiny from various state treasury departments, insurance companies, banks, and mutual fund companies, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Minimal Workload for Partners— Our paperless process ensures that your involvement is streamlined and efficient. Apart from creating and distributing marketing materials and transmitting information with client consent, SAGE manages all other aspects, including tracking, maintenance, reporting to colleges, and addressing participant queries.
  • Flexible Asset Utilization— The specific assets used to calculate Tuition Reward points need not be exclusively for college expenses (with the exception of assets in a 529 Plan). This offers flexibility in financial planning for your clients.

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